31 December 2007

Looking for houses

Told you about my friend who needed an office in another town and wanted me to find one?

Instead of asking at the same time to look for a few appartments, houses or condos, she mailed me today.

It's the last day of the year!! I have other things to do!

Luckily there are sites like National Relocation, so I can arrange things in no time.

Because on the site owners can advertise their property for rent for free, there is a huge choice.

Because the living spaces are needed very soon I didn't search the homes for sale but searched the houses for rent.

It didn't take long to find some nice houses.
Looking at the pictures, the floorplan and the description it wasn't difficult to make a choice and contact the landlord by using the online form.

National Relocation offers all information needed to move.
There's also a list of realtors with photos, so meeting the realtor at a property isn't a problem.

Now I can only hope all things work out well, but i don't doubt it.

Happy New Year!


30 December 2007

American Dream Realty offers lots of options

It's on TV, it's in the papers, it's everywhere: programs about buying estate in vacation areas.

People are really looking to get away from the city noises, the bussy agendas and office hours stress.

Who blames them?

Don't look at me.

I wish I could make my dream come true. But i have to wait untill the children are grown.

But you can go for it, and why not?

Adrhi.com is the perfect site to start with (and stay on. LOL!).

When you want to buy a vacation home, you should buy Hawaii real estate.

I'm all in favor of ecofriendly tourism, and Hawaii has invested so much in it, that you can dream you're in the original paradise.

Jeff Manson and his team of American Dream Realty provide realtor and real estate services for all Hawaiian islands, including Maui real estate and Kauai real estate.

They know all the ins and outs, know all the attractive sites.
They'll give the best service, whether you want to buy a one million property with lots of land, or a cheap oceanview condo.
They can refer you to rtusted people, for financing you new home, for instance.

The photos on the site give you a clear impression of the property, and on the map you can see where it's situated. You can compare the list of inclusions with your own requirements and calculate how much items you need to add..if any.

A couple of online friends are looking tino buying one of the homes.
Putting their money together enables them to buy a home, and sharing the time their stay at the place is less expensive than booking a vacation each year.

I wish them lots of luck and I hope they'll invite me for a stay too.


unconscious mutterings

  1. Memorable :: past events

  2. Resolution :: new year

  3. Goal :: dream

  4. 2008 :: looks OK from here.

  5. Sensational :: fireworks

  6. Popular demand :: snowvacations

  7. Old :: perkament

  8. Music :: bagpipes

  9. Intense :: love

  10. 2007 :: OK, it's almost over. And I've survived. Phew.

Happy new year!!!

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29 December 2007

Burton Hosting for both personal and business websites

Don't forget to sort out your website hosting.

I know it's such a problem to find the right hosting service, especially when you're not able to design the site yourself.

Burton Hosting provides both: hosting and a lot for your website. Like high quality website templates, flash templates and -intros, logo templates, corporate identities, and php-nuke themes.

Burton Hosting offers 24/7 support, both for Business Website Hosting and Personal Website Hosting.

You can add features to your account, like your own domain name, static IP address and more.

To get an idea what Burton Hosting can do for you, you can have a look at some sites they have already assisted here.
Aren't they great?

I'm especially impressed by the website about Dallas.
The forums are very bussy and keeping them up means that Burton Hosting is reliable.

Maybe you pay a little more than at some other services (and less than others), but the friendly assistance, the quality offered and the reliability to stay online whatever happens is the most important.

Even large businesses can find high quality hosting. They can opt for the "dedicated servers package".

Want to know more? Visit the Burton Hosting site or get in contact with the customers service.


Healthy toys

I came across a site for healthy toys.

Maybe it's of help for someone.

I'm glad my children aren't as little anymore that I need to be afraid they poison themselves with their toys.

When they were little I taught them not to chew on things.

Only on the special teething rings and their furr animals, after I checked them for loosing hair, loose bits and after I washed them.

Oh..the link:



28 December 2007

I long to relax

To be honest: I'm going nuts here today.
The fireworks are sold from this morning 10.00 hours and I bet they have already sold for millions.

There's so much noise on the streets, and when I was outside half an hour ago I heard several policecars and the firebrigade.

I wish I could just move away to a quiet spot in Amsterdam, for instance.

Won't be a problem.
All I have to do is pay a visit to http://www.easytobook.com and look at the page of the Amsterdam Hotels or take one of the special offers of the main page.

The Hem Hotel has a great offer at the moment. I might consider it.
They have a choice between smoking and non-smoking rooms and I might even be lucky and get a room with a jacuzzi.

But I won't mind travelling a bit and land in an unknown town, like Barcelona.
The Confortel Almirante Hotel sounds great.
Because EasytoBook offers a lot of information,about attractions, landmarks, restaurants, shopping, transportation and a lot more,there's no need to feel lost. Especially not because they offer a map at each hotelpage, so I can visualise where I am and how I can reach the places I want to go to.

Even in a town I don't know I can't go wrong. All I have to do is trust the reviews of others.

EasyToBook.com doesn't charge anything for the service they provide.
One pays at the hotel.

Booking is very easy.

Now I have to tell my family their mom is planning to go abroad and really relax.


friday's feast

Name 2 things you would like to accomplish in 2008.

Perform on my bagpipes
Get my autistic son in the auti-class

With which cartoon character do you share personality traits?

I really don't know.
I never watch or read cartoons.

What time of day (or night) were you born?

Early morning.
It was freezing. Even in the hospital.
The water in the glass beside the bed of my mother was froozen.

Main Course
Tell us something special about your hometown.

It's the oldest town of the country, with a ruin of a castle near a river.
I used to take walks through the oldest part of town, where there were very old houses, and history was breathing all around us.
Now it's all taken down and rebuilt in a kind of modern classical style. Narrow streets and such. But I can't find the old spirit back.
It's nice for tourists though.

There have been so many changes that even in the part I grew up I have to look for cues of the old times.

So the feeling of being at home in my own town is disappearing and I'm quite willing to move abroad if we get a good offer.

If you could receive a letter from anyone in the world, who would you want to get one from?

It depends.

I would love to renew a friendship. I'm sending him a mail this afternoon.
I would love my childhood friend to get over his superiority feelings and make up again. (I criticised him on putting his wished before his sons needs.)

I would love Michael Palin to ask me to travel with him.
I would love to go into an honest discussion about peace and the use of the army. Themes: defense tasks, ethics, protecting your own boys and girls, and a lot lot more.
I would love to get a letter asking me for a choreography.
I would love to win those millions that are given away.

I guess I first need a letter from a mailbox company offering me a larger one. LOL!

Happy New Year!!!!!

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27 December 2007

PixelProtector for better screen quality

Don't you like this time of year?

All those wonderful movies on TV, family gatherings where photos and videos are shared, and the internetsites where you can catch up after missing your favorite programs.

With DVD there's so much to share. So much to watch. And when you're completely out of reserves, you can even hire the most wonderful movies.

I know some people who have bought a new screen so they can enjoy the best quality, but they still don't have the clear vision as we have with our old screen.

There's a secret: PixelProtector.

I can't say it better than it's written on the PixelProtector site:
"PixelProtector™ is a DVD based premium screen diagnostic and calibration tool for all types of LCD, plasma and rear projection TV screens."

Many people plug in a TV and start watching their programs.
They don't resalise that a TV needs adjustment to get the sharpest images and the best colour.

PixelProtector helps to set your TV to the best quality, far better than you an get with visual comparison with a normal testscreen. And it's easier too.

Because it repairs screen burn, lost pixels, you'll get far better vision quality.

One of the problems we had was: "spooky images".
The kids started to call the feature this way and they were right.
Whenever a picture was displayed for a certain period of time, we had a shadow effect lasting.
Now we use PixelProtector it's gone.
We needed some time, but far less than was written in the instructions.

You don't need to be a technician to use PixelProtector.
There's a clear manual, but there's also an informationforum online and you can call customer's service.

Want to enjoy the new year's progams at the best quality?

Order it now.


recipe: oliebollen

I was asked for the recipe of oliebollen.

Here it is:

1 (0.6 ounce) cake compressed fresh yeast
1 cup lukewarm milk
2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons salt
1 egg

Not absolutely necessary:
3/4 cup dried currants
3/4 cup raisins
1 apple (Granny Smith) finely chopped

1 quart vegetable oil for deep-frying
1 cup confectioners' sugar for dusting


Warm the milk and break the yeast into it.
Let stand for a few minutes to dissolve.

Take a large bowl and sift the flour and salt into it.
Stir the yeast mixture and egg into it,
and mix, untill it's a smooth batter.

Soon through carefully the currants, raisins and/or apple.

Cover the bowl, and leave the batter in a warm place to rise until double in size. That's about 1 hour.

Heat the oil in a deep-fryer, or heavy deep pan to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C).
The oil needs to be hot enough, otherwise you'll get greaseballs. Ugh!

Use 2 metal spoons to shape scoops of dough into balls, and drop them carefully into the hot oil.
Fry the balls until golden brown,(8 minutes).

When everything is OK, the balls are soft, but not greasy.

Drain finished doughnuts on paper towels, or on a normal ironed towell.

Just before eating or presenting dust them with fine sugar.

Eat them hot if possible.

You can make from the same batter some other new years treats.

Take a apple. Peel and get the core out.
Slice the apple in 0.5 to 1 cm think slices, with the hole in the middle.

Cover it on all sides with batter and bake like oliebollen.

You can eat it hot, or cold.

I prefer cold.


christmas in The Netherlands

Someone asked which presents I've received at christmas.


Don't be amazed.

Here in The Netherlands we don't celebrate christmas with packages under the tree and presents.

We celebrate the gifts events at Sinterklaas.
It starts half november with Sinterklaas arriving in the country.

Kids can put their shoes ready, and during the nights sint throws in little presents.

Just before he leaves, in the night of december 5 to 6, he leaves the large presents.

So christmas is a more introvert event here.
Ofcourse many families have lots of food here, and families gather together, but there's also lots of attention for people who don't feel happy and live in bad circumstances.
And there's a lot of attention for peace.

Oh, how we long for peace!!!!


24 December 2007




Close Combat Training

It's three years ago both my husband and I were attacked on the street.
They guy was huge, a security man, and he was angry, because we told his son to stay away from our autistic boy.

He targetted my husband, but I immediately reacted instictly and started to talk his head of. So just before he was ready to deliver a blow, he was struck by a curve in my logic, I purposely put in the draw his attention.
As a psychologist I knew what I was doing, being well trained to prevent aggressive clients from attacking.

But the guy was well trained, and my husband was not able to grasp his brains together and run.
He went to me very fast and swift, and I instinctly relaxed all my muscles in my arms, while pulling all my stomach muscles together.
Oh...I was glad to be a welltrained balletdancer.

He hit me with full force with both fists on my arms, intending to break them, and when he realised I didn't even utter a sound he was struck with amazement.

I kicked his leg so hard HE made the sound and then I ran to call the cops, yelling: I'm calling the cops, I'm calling the cops!!

Before the cops came he managed to deliver my husband a blow in the face, but his self-confidence had suffered tremendously and when the police was heard in the distance he went away.

Ten minutes later he was arrested, and all I had were two enormous black spots on my arms.

I don't know all The Truth About Martial Arts, but I knew that I could trust my instincs and I was able to live from the unity of body and mind.

The police told me later I was the first person to withstand the guys attack. The first who didn't become a victim, and the first who was willing to put the guy behind bars.
Well, to be honest, I wanted him to go without his regular training and wanted him to loose his security license.

Months later I had to pass him on the street. I was afraid he might attack me and I knew that if he would I was nothing to him.
I was lucky. He didn't attempt anything. But in his eyes I saw a moment of intention.

When you want to be able to keep guys like him from you, when you want to survive attacks, you'd better gift yourself a course of Close Combat Training.

Captain Chris Pizzo is a World Leader In Self Defense, and he offers a lot of information on his site.

Even more: You can order a free 30-day test drive of Captain Chris' Close Combat training. (Mind the shipping costs: $14.95 for US & Canada orders,
$39.95 for International orders).
Captain Cris has dedicated his life to spreading the "truth" about martial arts and self defense after he was badly attacked on the street.

Go to http://www.CloseCombatTraining.com to inform yourself.


23 December 2007

Christmas in England.

Christmas in England.
Its my dream.

I'm sure almost all of the Hotels in London are booked, but when you still want to have a chance to get a place to stay that's affordable, go to CheaperthanHotels.com.

One of todays specials is:

the Osterley Park Hotel
764 Great West Road, Isleworth Middlesex, London, near Heathrow Airport.
It's a Romantic place to stay, especially at christmas.
When you book through Cheaperthan Hotels you have the lowest price, guaranteed!

Those who don't want to stay in London can stay in, for instance, one of the Hotels in Birmingham.
Birmingham is easy to reach, had great shoppingopportunities and a very dynamic christmasatmosphere.

Don't forget to book the JD christmasdinner and party.
This time the theme is a venetian masquerade.
I won't reveal the details, but it promises to be an amazing spectacle you'll never forget.

Creating memories.
Don't we all want to do that, especially at christmas?
The Hotels in Manchester are ready to help you get in the right christmasspirit.
Take my advice, book a place to stay outside the centre. It might make a difference of GBP 70.

But when you want to be near the city centre activities Cheaperthan Hotels helps you to find accomodation as quickly as possible.
Just enter the date of arrival and departure in the online form and you'll find the hotels you still can book.

Someone said I certainly wouldn't find a single room available, but he doesn't know that Manchester if a great city for conferences, so they have plenty of single rooms available.
I found him a place to stay for GBP 39!!!

Told you Cheaperthan Hotels is the best option to find an affordable place to stay, whether it's a last minute deal or a booking of year ahead.


unconscious mutterings

  1. Health :: fresh air

  2. Tacky :: little dog

  3. Heels :: high heels

  4. Yay! :: woohoo!

  5. Model :: Long legs

  6. Gather :: meet under the christmas tree

  7. Best gift ever :: a friend

  8. Clients :: on call at christmas

  9. Stomp :: rhythm

  10. Clothing :: fancy dress

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20 December 2007


When walking through the shoppingstreets and centres, when looking into the leaflets and brochures, all full of expensive luxury items, I can understand that there are people who can't control themselves, and buy, buy, buy.

I've had a time too that I wanted to give others what I couldn't give myself, but I had a good job then, so I could take it easy for a couple of months and work my financial problems away.

Many others are less fortunate.
They fill each hole in their wallet with a bit of money that creates even a bigger hole and before they know they're in depth and can't come out alone.

Often I hear that people who have moneyproblems have no choice.

That't not true.

There are many choices to make, and the best are those that help you in a straight way on the right road.

BadCreditOffers.com offers choices for those with a bad credit history by providing knowledge and the means to solve problems.

When applying for a loan, the offers of major providers are compared, so you can choose the offer that fits your situation best.
When paying in time you can start to get out of problems and built a healthy financial future.

Wise decisions are important.

Don't take an auto loan unless you have to use the car to make money, and unless it brings you more money than it carries away.
I know someone who bought a car and started a taxi service. He turned his bad credit into a golden future.

It's always important to look into credit repair and debt relief. There are services that provide a free online debt assessment, and they help you finding ways to consolidate your debt.

Sometimes it's wise to consult someone about home loans. Sometimes it's possible to remortgage your house and end up paying lower installements.
Be careful though. Read the little letters. Paying a mortgage faster than planned can result in a fine.

BadCreditOffers offers fast and free services.
Maybe this site is the place to look for you.


19 December 2007

works for me

Noop, I'm not blogging about christmas...
I'm blogging about the last evening of the year.
We call it old year.

The last years a tradition slipped in and I won't change it for a million dollars.

It was initiated by one of the boys, who wanted sausages just before 12, and threw a fit after closing time of the shops.
He wanted sausages at old year and nothing else.

Foreseeing a whole evening of a bad mood and an angry face, I told him that if he wanted sausages he'd better step in an do all the old years preparations himself.

He stepped in and even found in the back of the storage room a tiny tin with 5 sausages.
That posed a problem: we have 6 kids.
So he had to make something that one of the kids liked better.

Another boy jumped in and helped him.

The next year they asked me if they were allowed to do the preparations.

Now most of the children are involved in the planning, the shopping and the making of plates with delicious treats.

I have to say, now they're getting older I have more fun trying out their creations.

I still feel odd.
After working for them all year, it's not easy to let them do what they want.
It's not easy to stay away from the kitchen, because I would love to see the mess they have to clean up themselves.

But it's nice to have the time to say goodbye to the year and focus on the new one for a while, before plates with apple pies, cheese sticks and other delicious dishes are placed on the table.

It works for me.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!

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18 December 2007

Farrey's is a big help with planning a safer house

Each year around this time I get the feeling I need to spread the light fixtures far better.

They're now at the traditional spots.
You know: in the livingroom the chandeliers at the prefixed places, the bathroom light fixtures in such a place that they shine either in my eyes or cast a bad shadow. Just because the architect of the house didn't think.

About the same with the kitchen light fixtures. There's one in the corner of the kitchen and one beneath the cupboards. There are no ceiling light fixtures at all. Isn't that strange?

So I went through the house at the end of the afternoon, and wrote down the dark spots. Like at the stairs.

Then I went through the house when it was dark.

It's very reveiling to be critical about home lighting. There are some hidden dangers in the house, like at the stairs, and in the hall at the front door.

We have light there, but it makes me seen for the visitor, whereas I'd better see the visitor before he or she sees me.
So I decided to make a spotlight there first, that I can switch on with a simple movement of my hand.

I had a great time at Farrey's choosing new lamps and ofcourse the spotlight.
That'll be installed first.

You can browse the tremendous collection at Farrey's by browsing by category or brand.
I like the fact that the site is so often updated with new additions to the collections, which are clearly indicated.

I also like the fact that I can find complete collections of brands with one click on one of the lamps. That way I can use fixtures that create a designed look.

Ofcourse Farrey's has a nice amount of energy saving items.

Have you seen a lower price for an item elsewhere?
Call Farrey's and get a competitive quote.

Farrey's has a lot more on their site than lighting fixtures.
Just have a look.


10 on tuesday

10 New Year’s Resolutions

I'm not a person to make new year's resolutions.
I can't plan things, like other people can, because the children pose surprises almost every day.
Life is difficult enough without burdening me with things I need to do, but hej..I'm lucky. I don't smoke, drink, steal, gamble. I just let life pass and hope the future will be better than today.
  1. Get the best care for my children.
  2. Write a book about my experiences with them, the schools, and those who "care".
  3. Don't gain more weight (I managed this year. Woohoo!)
  4. Work a bit more or make more money in the same time. LOL!
  5. Bring even more topics under the attention of those people in the government that can change things.
  6. Try to find some time for myself, not like blogging and watching the kids, but just doing something for myself.
  7. Go to Scotland or visit friends abroad
  8. Get in contact with my university friend again.
  9. Study the bagpipes more often.
  10. Buy myself something once in a while

Merry christmas!

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16 December 2007

unconscious mutterings

  1. Interview :: questions

  2. Army :: no comment

  3. Unwrap :: discover

  4. Evolve :: develop

  5. Bus :: to school

  6. The real thing :: love

  7. Streak :: paint

  8. Gorge :: ...

  9. Spicy :: hot

  10. Course :: education

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14 December 2007

Laane answers- ampelmann

Wat is an ampelmann?

The ampelmann is the little man on the trafficlights in Berlin.
It shows when you can cross the street.

The most recent meaning of the word has to do with stepping from one side to another too.
At sea.

You know the windmills in sea?
When they need repair, someone goes there by boat, steps over and then repair the windmill.

You can understand that that's not possible when it's bad weather.
The waves would smash the boat against the windmill.

Now it's impossble to do repairs 20% of the time.

That can be reduced to 5% by using the same system that is used in flightsimulators, but upside down. So the stable part is on top, enabling the repairman to step over from ampelmann to windmill and back.

The use of the system is the idea of some researchers at the TU Delft, The Netherlands.


Spock knows it all

Ofcourse I have to help my children with homework.
Even though I know a lot, I can't know it all.
Especially with history I need some additional information.
I just didn't listen when I was at school. LOL!

No problem.

There's a new searchengine... well, it's not new.. others have discovered it before me.
This searchengine is called: Spock.

My son had to write an essay about the Piet Hein, who fought the battle against Spain.
My son just typed it in and got a whole list with information too.

Spock can be used to search information and to find people. One can seach by name or by keywords that define the person, like he did with typing in "Piet Hein".

You can sign up and decide what information you want to have on internet: age, haircolour, your site, work, etc.
You can share your knowledge. One way is by adding information to the searchresults. You'll get recognised for your contribution.
As a member you can choose to get alerts when something is added, either on your profile or on that of others.
You can vote for and against a tag or pictures.
Even though it's not the intention of Spock to be a social network, there are opportunities for messaging, and by adding the proper tags you can get all the persons of a group in the searchresults.

The essay was ready in no time.
Added to the already found information he added some text about other historical seamen in Maarten Tromp and about others who served in the Dutch Navy.
I bet he has one of the best documented essays of the year.

Want an example of the info on Spock:


Ofcourse I have to help my children with homework.
Even though I know a lot, I can't know it all.
Especially with history I need some additional information.
I just didn't listen when i was at school. LOL!

No problem.

There's a new searchengine... well, it's not new.. others have discovered it before me.
This searchengine is called: Spock.

My son had to write an essay about the Piet Hein, who fought the battle against Spain.
My son just typed it in and got a whole list with information too.

Spock can be used to search information and to find people. One can seach by name or by keywords that define the person, like he did with typing in "Piet Hein".

You can sign up and decide what information you want to have on internet: age, haircolour, your site, work, etc.
You can share your knowledge. One way is by adding information to the searchresults. You'll get recognised for your contribution.
As a member you can choose to get alerts when something is added, either on your profile or on that of others.
You can vote for and against a tag or pictures.
Even though it's not the intention of Spock to be a social network, there are opportunities for messaging, and by adding the proper tags you can get all the persons of a group in the searchresults.

The essay was ready in no time.
Added to the already found information he added some text about other historical seamen in Maarten Tromp and about others who served in the Dutch Navy.
I bet he has one of the best documented essays of the year.

Want an example of the info on Spock:


First frost

We've had the first night of frost.

Ofcourse we went for a walk at night.
Like so often.

There was a thin haze above the lake and between thje trees.
It gave that extra glow to the lights that enables one to see the freezing.

The grass was white and the wind a little bit too unkind.

A part of the sky was clear and we could see quite high up.

The geminids presented us with their ballet.
I saw 5 falling starts and my son 8!

So I have made the necessary wishes,a dn boy, feels that good! LOL!


friday's feast

Make up a word and give us its definition.

It's actually a word one of my children made up when he was little.
floepstoep (floopstoop)
It's a heightened area in the street to keep the speed of cars down.

What is currently your favorite song?

The song that keeps popping up in my mind: "nothing compared..."
and the song I'm learning: "lambada del serpente".

I guess the christmassongs will crawl in my mind soon.

What’s at the top of your Christmas wish list this year?

Well, as my online friends know: we've already had our gift-event: Sinterklaas.
But right now I need a watch. And if I had a choice I would choose a pocketwatch, as it fits well with my bagpipers uniform too.

Main Course
Name a scent that reminds you of someone special in your life.

Cinnamon: remembers me of my gram, a friend that used to make cinnamon tea for me, another one who treated me cinnamon buns.

And fresh baked cake... awww... me and my gram in this time of year.
I got the apples from the cellar, peeled and slices them,
and we threw rum in, cinnamon, lemon.....
Ohh, the smell.......

Who is someone on television that you feel probably shouldn’t be, and why?

Ugh... I try not to pay attention to something like that.
I don't like the know-it-all, the one who shocks others to get a point across, who laughs at the expense of others.

I'm not sure if I want to be santa claus...


13 December 2007

works for me

When one of the children claims to be ill, I have a great solution.
Most of the time it works.

I state firmly what I want, for instance: "I know you're not feeling well, but I want you to go to school", and offer a tablet that works for that illness.
I have a box and it contains vitamin C. A pharmacy label states a very difficult name.

That pill does wonders!

It works for me.

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Mac Poker Online

The last months people were able to follow a poker course on TV.
The figures showed it drew far more attention than the chesscourses of the past.

I can only hope it takes away the enormous focus on football, because I´m not happy at all that I have to bycicle through a complete different part of town when there´s an international football match.

At least people who play poker don´t block the streets and play for the fun of the game.

There are so many places to play that it´s difficult to find out which site is the best.

I´ve heard that playing at Mac Poker is worthwhile.

Mac Poker adds a round $50 to your account when you play Poker for Mac or Poker für Mac.

And the Poker Bonus for Pacific Poker isn´t bad either: 25% up to $100 plus an extra $25.

You´ll find bonusses all over the site at the moment, so you can ensure yourself something extra for christmas.
First read the beginnersguide, so you know what to do, and also read the special pages with care and attention.

Fulltilt Poker for instance is mpst unique. Prepare yourself well when you´ll mix with those who have played it many times before.

But the best pookerroom is PokerStars. They entertain thousands of people each day, have marvellous bonusses so you can enjoy all apsects of the game.

And that´s all about it, doesn´t it.
So get informed well at Mac Poker and win!!


Laane answers

Dear Laane,

How can I prevent a chaos whem my little children and their friends need a drink.
Last time it looked like a swimmingpool at my table.


Yea. I remember that time here too.

I've been rather clear.
No mess in my house.

So I put the lemonade ready in the kitchen and they could come to drink it there.
Each time two children.

Some of my children still have the habit to drink in the kitchen when it's bussy in the house.


11 December 2007

10 on tuesday

10 things you want for christmas
For me alone?
  1. a gardenhouse
  2. a ticket to fly to my friends abroad and stay in a posh hotel
  3. smallpipes for both bellows and mouth blown
  4. hurdy gurdy
  5. dollhouse furniture and lamps 1:24 and 1:12
  6. new floor in the house
  7. something nice to wear at christmas
  8. a nice fountainpen
  9. a new watch
  10. just something nice

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Travelling through New Zealand

I know quite some young people who are doing their final exams this year.
There was a get together this evening and it was great to hear them make plans for a long special summervacation.

Last year some of the group went to Australia, and they now want to go to New Zealand. They're not going as a real backpacker. You know, travelling like it comes without planning ahead.

No, they planned their stays at New Zealand Hotels, so they could sleep and eat well and have a good starting point each day.

It was fun to hear them making choices.
Some preferred to go first to one of the Christchurch Hotels because they think it's the best way to get used to the climate.

Well, I guess they're used to it in no time, seeing that the temps are quite moderate.

Others want to go to Auckland first, because it's a city area, with yet enough chances to enjoy nature. Like the vulcanic features. Staying in one of the Auckland Hotels would create a great base for the trips around the large city.

Well, Wellington has even more citylife to offer, so staying there at one of the Wellington Hotels would be of great educational value.
Wellington is the main political centre and it has many cultural events each year.

After a lot of fun, they decided to use CheaperthanHotels to find out where to stay and to book in advance.
One can pay on arrival, so they can earn money on their way.

CheaperthanHotels is great to book last minute deals. Their prices are so sharp!
But the all year prices, that carry the same price all year, a good too.

Now they're telling their parents about their plans.
I'm sure they'll go to New Zealand within a few months!


Bad Credit Offers

My gram used to say that life goes in circles.

According to her many countries go through times of poverty and times that all goes well.
There's always an upper class that never expereinces the pains and problems of the other people, but the rest is on a wave of good times and bad times.

She's so right.

When I look around so many people are dealing with moneyproblems.
The years of glory and freedom have disappeared and we all seem to struggle one way or another.

We've been lucky.. we live sober and we have no debts.
I think having no car makes huge difference.

Friends haven't been dealing with their money well.
OK, they have a great car, go on holiday twice a year and they have a new floor in the livingroom. An expensive one.

They have been in debt so often, and they barely survice, but they do.

Now they're in a situation they can hardly get a loan anymore.

So I asked them how they manage to do what they want.

They asked me if I didn't know about bad credit loans.

There's a site: Bad Credit Offers, and it compares offrers for people with bad credit.
It's just a matter of choosing the loan that fits the situation the best and pay on time.

He also said he's had his debts assessed and got help to regain control again.
He said that over 2 million people had credit counseling the last years.

I think it's great there are services like these.
Not for people who consider living at the edge a sport, but for those who had to deal with circumstances beyond their control, like friends who lost everything in Katrina.

When you're serious about it, you can free yourself from the burden of debt.
I think it's great!


10 December 2007

Laane aswers: stationary

Hello Laane.

People use stationary in their mails and it uses more and more space in my mail.
Isn't it a rule of net-etiquette not to use too much sopace in other people's emailboxes?


Hello Mark!

Well, people differ in opinion.
They say they make the mails prettier for other people.
So that's kind.

But I tend to agree with you.
Sometimes people use emailprograms and stationary they themselves can see, but others not.
They can at most only phantasize about it when they see the graphics in the attachement.

I think some people have lost sight on how many people are still on dial up.
It costs them a lot of money to get the mail in.

I think that net-etiquette means that you behave in such a way that you won't bother someone else in any way.
Those who have limited storage are bothered by stationary.

So it's a no-no to me.

But you can always ask if the other appreciates it.


manic monday

december 10 2007

For the holidays, are you a last-minute shopper or do you shop well ahead of time?

Well, I used to be well in time.
This year I didn't even have the chance to leave the house.
So it was last minute and done by someone else.
(We've already had our presents festival like at christmas.)

If you had to pick a new first name for yourself, what name would you choose?

Mine s fine.
It's already own choice.

What's worse, having expectations that are too high, or having no expectations at all?

Having no expectations at all.
It's so depressing to have nothing to look forward too, to have no dreams to fullfill.

Disappointment can be dealt with when you're a realist, but no expectations at all....

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08 December 2007

CheaperthanHotels in London, Paris, Barcelona and Berlin

Well, those who know me know I'm in Love with England.
But I'm not closing my eyes for what other people experiece and consider to be of value.

I for myself have enjoyed my stays in London.
Every season is reflected all through the city.
The parcs, the squares, the Westminster area. They all feel different each season.
Ofcourse the best way to see it is from the height of the Ferris Wheel: The Eye of London.
I've always experienced that not only outside, but also inside the London Hotels one senses the differences within the year.
The smells, the sounds... everything.

As the climate in Barcelona is more stable, that London feel isn't present.
barcelon is a mediterranean country, the temperatures in the wintermonths of january and february are averaging 10 °C (50 °F).
It's better not to dream about a white christmas when you're in one of the Barcelona Hotels.
It's the music that keeps you going, that typical lazy feel of the countries that are under the influence of the Mediterranean Sea, the feel that the whole wide world is extending at all sides.

Cathedral II Apartment Barcelona

I expect most Paris Hotels to be booked by now. Maybe you can find a few special places that are not yet found by the christmascrowds.
Paris is the city of light.
One can hardly find places that aren't decorated with little lights.

Galleries Lafayette department store

One can see that the artistic and cultural influences are refected all over the city.

The past history is strongly present in Berlin.
Christmas is a warm time in Germany.
People make it very cosy in their homes and also in the Berlin Hotels hot wine is served and special kinds of cake.
Don't expect christmasnight top be a night of peace ans quiet.

The silent night will be broken by the sounds of gunfire.
At 12 the Christ Child is welcomed by the Berchtesgadener Böller, the shootingclub of 1200 members. With old-fashioned pistols and small cannons (balls=Böller) they fire about 7000 shots.
Well, you can trust that the evil spirits will be gone by the time they have ended.

When you plan to visit one of these or other cities, don't forget to visit the site of CheaperthanHotels.com.
"Todays special" has great accomodation on offer and the last minute prizes are guaranteed the lowest.
You can immediately see which how many stars the hotels carry, so you know what to expect.
Don't forget to have a look at the group discounts you'll receive when booking for more than 11 persons.


Use your family doc as an information centre

I've experienced that when matters go wrong at the school of the children it's always important to inform the family doctor.

For us he's not only the person who guards the physical wellbeing of us all, he also has a computersystem that's patient, can handle all the information there is and has an easy looking up system and a good back up.

So he knows who the therapists of the children are, knows which difficulties we experience, and in times of crisis knows exactly when the appointments are.

Right now we're going through a rough time about one of the children.
The school has made mistakes and tries to cover it up by making us look like bad parents.

Ofcourse that generates lots of stress.
Right now because the responsible organisation can't be reached and things happen that are not right at all.
Based on the wrong data.

Before they'll even think about asking us for facts, they'll go to our doc to find proof we're bad parents.

What they find are the data they need, so they can update their files and reconsider their actions.
And because I always take the effort to vent my feelings and ideas in a mail to my doc (hej, that's good for my heart! LOL!), he truly knows what's going on here.

Ofcourse we trust each other completely. We know each other well.

All we have to do is wait for the organisation who wants to proof we're not doing all we can to turn to our doc.
They always will.


07 December 2007

CheaperthanHotels.com and christmas

Now is the right time to book one of the many amsterdam hotels to enjoy christmastime in Amsterdam.

It's magnificient to walk the shoppingstreets that are decorated with little lights, or made a boat tour on the Canals when it's dark.

I love to visit Amsterdam in the winter.
To arrive at the old railwaystation and step into the cold wind that crosses the canal and the square in front of the station. Then walk past the many tourist shops and arrive at the Dam Square.
By the time I arrive there my mind is completely taken by the warm city feel. I like the buzz of christmas. Windowshopping at the Bijenkorf, and walking slowly at the chistmasdepartment. It's the best in the country.

Some people prefer a warmer climate. And book one of the greece hotels, to visit historical sites and museums or enjoy island touring.
The people in Greece are very open and welcome each and every tourist just like they welcome their family.
Their food is awesome.
Some of my friends go to greece each year just for the food and the people.

After the fires of this year tourists are even more welcome than other years, so don't hesitate to go. It helps to rebuilt the country even faster.

When you're more interested in culture Greece has a lot to offer too, as it's part of "The old country".
Staying in one of the athens hotels enables you to enjoy most of your time the old ruins of greece: theTemple of Olympus, Ancient Agora, and the Acropolis.

Prague offers a true christsmas winterland setting each year to tourist and locals alike.
The christmasmarkets run each day during the whole of december.
It's marvellous to look at the wooden huts with a glass of hot wine in your hand, enjoy all the gifts and cultural handicraft.
You can witness how the traditional dishes are made and endulge yourself in the true christsmasfeel by listening to the carols,
Maybe the wine has put you in the right mood by then to sing along.

I bet you'll sleep well in one of the prague hotels.

Don't forget the visit CheaperthanHotels.com to find the best last minute offers and the lowest prizes.
And don't forget to enjoy the best christmasvacation!


christmas trees memories

Time goes far too fast.

We're cleaning away the sinterklaasitems and we're making plans for christmas.

Today I walked past a sellingpoint for christmastrees.

Each year they're different.

This year they're very tall and compact.
Like christmaspencils.

The guy who sells them is still the same.

He looked at me when I walked past and smiled.
I smiled back.
Many many years ago, when I was imagining I wasn't a child anymore, I worked for him, selling trees.
It was cold and at times it snowed a tiny little bit.

The people were digging themselves deeper in their coats, pulling the scarfs higher up.

He asked me to sing a song and I did.

It's so long ago...


Better Caring - informs at a difficult time in our lives.

Deciding that your parents have to move to a nursing home is very difficult.

There are so many emotions involved.
You want the best for your parents, but sometimes it feels like you break their roots.
leaving the place where they lived so many years with their family can be very painfull for the parents, but also to the children.
Witnessing the emotions and feeling your own guilt and worries isn't easy.

The site of BetterCaring can be very comforting.

Information and recourses are given to make well informed choices, true stories tell you about other people's lives and there's news to the subject.
When you need to discuss atters with others there's no need to search long.
At the forum you can ask and learn.
I can tell you a lot, but it's best to go to the site and see it yourself.

I've never been at a site with so mich honest compassion with a difficult time in our lives.
You'll experience too that they know what they're talking about and that they go for the best.


06 December 2007

Shopping at Farrey's

Friends changed their house completely, not by refurnishing it, but by redoing their lighting scheme.

They threw all the old lamps out and bought new lamps and fixed them at different places.

I think it's a marvellous idea.

That they went to an expensive shop is not a good idea.

They'd better gone to Farreys.com.
Farreys carries thousands of in- and outdoor light fixtures , also from the top brands, and offer them at the lowest prizes.

That way changing the lighting scheme isn't only a smart thing to do, but also wise.

I love shopping at Farrey's, because you can see which lamps are new within the blink of an eye, like the access lighting fixtures and some other (top brands of) home lighting .

Shopping online isn't only convenient, its easy too.

At Farrey's you can shop by brand, application or by style.

The lighting product search tool come sin very handy too.

I had a look at the chandeliers and bathroom light fixtures .
The lights we now have in the bathroom are a bit yellow, so applying make-up is a real art.

I want new kitchen light fixtures too. Apart from the ceiling light fixtures I really want some light at the entrance of the kitchen. That makes my eyes get used to the different light.
I have a woeklight there, but when I put it on my eyes hurt.
There's too much change between the lights in the livingroom and the kitchen.

Well, I've found what I need at Farrey's.


Laane asks

The council started with a new "waste-away system".

Right now we're recycling parts of our waste.

Paper, green stuff (gardenwaste, vegetable waste etc), and textile.

They started plastics last week.

I'm OK with that, but I'm not sure what the best way is to keep it aside untill we can bring it away.

Plastic had the tendency to take in much space and have almost no weight.
So I think we need to put it under pressure.

Any advice?


05 December 2007


Already planning your vacation for next summer?


By looking into a booklet with photos of 1975 and prizes that are way too high?

How about going online, clicking on a worldmap where you want to go and looking at photo's of nice livingspaces, condo's hotels, dreaming away while reading the desciptions?
They say going on vacation is a joy, but the largest joy is in planning a vacation.

Then plan, go and enjoy it!!

Goin2Travel is a directory that is made up of properties that are listed directly by the owner.
It saves a lot of money when the middleman isn't involved.
And because the owners have more say about the content, the descriptions are up to date.

Whether you choose Myrtle Beach vacation rentals, Naples vacation rentals or Destin vacation rentals, you'll find the most wonderful places to stay against competing prizes.

I like the fact that the owners give a clear indication about the beaches, the beds, and touristic places to go.

Those who want to invest in real estate or want to buy their own condo can find interesting offers at the site too.

Enjoy looking around and enjoy booking!


heavy winds

It's surprising how fast the weather can change.

Today it was rather quiet weather, but when I just went outside I was welcomed by heavy winds.

I don't mind that, as long as it's dry.
But it's raining a lot.. far too much!

Tomorrow morning I have to bycicle a long way.

Part of the route is over some of the dykes here, so that means total exposure to the gods of the weather.

I want sun!!!


04 December 2007

10 on tuesday

10 Favorite Things to Complain About

  1. The weather
  2. Not enough money
  3. The school
  4. Kids not hanging their coats and putting aside the shoes
  5. Music too loud
  6. Not handing in the schoolmugs and boxes in time for the washing up
  7. Children asking too much sweets and chips
  8. Not being informed about important matters by kids, their father, the school
  9. Not enough time in a day, in a week.. what? A year!!
  10. Gravity... you ladies know: gravity!! Argghhhh!!!!

Oh...this was so great!

And so easy!!!! LOL!

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02 December 2007

Wedding Lane

Organising a wedding is a time of stress and anticipation.
Sometimes the stress to get a dream fullfilles is so great that the bride forgets that she's creating the day of her life.
To get things done the right way can be the main goal, and I've seen quite some brides and assistants forget that millions of pairs went before them and that they have left us with a large amount of knowledge about what works and what not.

Wedding Lane is a site that offers a simple business directory of mainly small shops.
There are no banners, nor wonderful pictures that divert the attention.

It's a place where you can find advice about everything that has to do with organising a wedding.

Take for instance the subject of wedding invitations.

The way people usually mke a choice is by visiting all sorts of shops and businesses, look through the books with samples, or take them home. And then a time of endless decision making starts.

Why not take some good advice on invitations, and grant the printing to a local store. They know what's in fashion, they know what's appreciated, and their experience can make a world of difference.

When we had to make the decision we wanted elegant wedding invites.
So we asked for the book at one of the local printshops. The man smiled.
He asked my fiancee to leave the building and buy me a bouquet of roses and invited me for a cup of coffee.
Then he started to ask questions. About my dress, the flowers, the church, the date, if I loved gold or silver, which jewelry I would wear. He commented on my blue eyes, etc etc.

Then he took a book, opened it and showed me what he thought would be a perfect match to the complete day.
To my surprise I really liked the invites he showed.

They would present our guests with the right feel about the wedding.

So I made a choice without all the fuzz many other brides to be experience.

We took another cup of coffee and then he asked me if I knew why he asked my fiancee to get roses.
Because he knew I would go for the classical, traditional style of wedding invitations.
Not because I'm old fashioned. Oh no!! Because they have proven to be the best.


fake bomb

Last tuesday 150 people were evacuated from an appartmentbuilding after a suspect package was found.
It was thought to be a bomb.

People spend hours away from their home, not knowing if the bomb might go off and destroy all their belogings.

It turned out to be a fake bomb and today a 23 years old man has admitted that it was meant to be a joke.

Guys like that aren't able to oversee the consequences of their actions.
Other people have to pay in stress and other emotions for their fun.

Even in my town we've had those "jokes", leading to much worries on my part, when the boys were due from school and had to pass the railwaystation that was closed, waiting for the arrival of the bombsquat.

I don't htink a fine and locking up those people will teach them not to do it again.


01 December 2007

TeakWood Patio Furniture

My favorite place in the house, when I was a child, was near the teak wood furniture.
I loved the silky look, and the smell after it was oiled.

While I grew up, many things in the house changed, but the teakwood furniture changed place, even ended at another room, but it never went.

Now teak wood is high fashion again.
The strength and quality is discovered again.
Many people accept teak wood because it's manufactured in sustainable forests.

It's not only accepted as indoor furniture, but also as outdoor furniture.

Using teak patio furniture gives the impression of richness and importance.

TeakWood Patio Furniture provides the finest quality teak furniture at afforable prices.
Part of each purchase is donated towards saving the worlds rainforests. That way care for the forests and the habitat of animals is ensured.

The wood is inspected by professionals and only the finest quality is used to make handcrafted teak patio furniture.

The collection is very divers and is afforable for almost everyone.

Because of the characteristics of teakwood and the wonderful design the furniture can be used outside in the summer and inside the home in the winter.
Or one can leave it outside in the winter as luxurious features to look at.

I love the Florida rocking chair so much, that I've placed it on my wishlist.
And you?



People are still waiting for the superstorm that was supposed to hit northern europe between november 24 and 27.

Well, let's say I'm happy there was no need to go into hiding, because we have no other place than the house.

I remember the leaflets we got in the sixties.

With pictures and text we were told to go into hiding under the table in case of a nuclear attack.

Later we were told to tape the doors and windows.
No one ever bothered to ask how we could tape the radiation out at the moment that we saw a bright flash of light.

I wonder what the next advice for us will be.


saturday special

~Dream Time ~ Have You Ever...~

1. Danced At A Ball?:

Not a real ball.
Do we mortals that aren't part of the movieworld ever experience this?
But I have dances like I was at a ball on stage as a ballet dancer.
Does that count?

2. Flown A Kite?:

Oh yes!! And I loved it.
I've flown kites made from paper bags, little kites and once even a very large one that needed two people to keep it up.

3. Strolled Hand In Hand Along The Seashore?:

Yes, I did.
But that's a long, long time ago.

4. Rode A Train For The Fun Of It?:

No, but I have enjoyed my trainrides.

All my children have had a good time going with the train.
They went for the fun of it, and I'm sure when they're olders they have great memories.

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30 November 2007

Advantage Term Life for insurance information and quotes

Taking care of a family also involves Family Insurance .

Like other years we took the last day of november to go through all the insurances, and put the paymentsystems and coverages side to side with the new.

That way we found out I'd better ask the dentist to make a crown on one of my teeth, because next year it will be more expensive, and we'd better change another insurance, because the children are not as little anymore, so we probably won't use it.

Asking for Insurance Quotes can help you Save Money on Insurance .

I like to go to Advantage Term Life to find ways to Reduce Premiums.
The site provides a lot of information, like Insurance Plans Pros and Cons, Corporate Insurance Plans for Employers and also enables you to ask quotes online.
Insurance companies from all across the USA are covered, and Advantage Term Life offers those with the lowest prizes.
That makes it easy to Save Money on Insurance.

We had a good look at the Cash Back Life Insurance .
It pays back the money when the policy expires, which makes it a kind of saving account.
During the time the insurance runs the insurance company is able to invest the money, and by the time the policy expires they can return the money.
We thought it would be a great to have the policies expire by the time the children need the money to study to start a business.

I'm curious if you have any insurance advice.

Untill then I'll stick to Advantage Term Life.


Realising a dream with Blogsvertise

Isn't it great to make a bit of extra money?

Speaking for myself: I can do with a bit of extra cash.

My children are growing fast and because of their handicaps they need more than other children.

And I have a few dreams... Don't we all?
I want to realise them before I can't anymore.

Working outside the house is out of the question, but working at home can be done each and every day.
And it feels so good to have a goal.

So I've applied for a place between all bloggers that write for Blogsvertise each day.

You can do it too.

Blogsvertise offers opportunities. The guidelines and rules are clear, links will be provided, and all I have to do is give my honest opinion about a site, a product, a service.
After approval Blogsvertise sends what I've earned to my paypal account.

It's such a great way to realise my dreams a little bit each time.


friday's feast

november 30 2007

What is your favorite carnival/amusement park ride?

We're never going to amusement parks. Can't. They're too far away and too expensive.
I like the observation wheel, though. The higher the better.

How do you react in uncomfortable social situations?

That depends.

When I'm in a meeting I feel myself becoming more businesslike and observant. Often even before the situation becomes uncomfortable at a conscious level.
I'm thinking more strategic then.

When people are trying to start a row with me, I back out. Unless I need to get things done for the children. Then I clearly state that I don't want a row, but that I need to get things arranged for the children, and then I state my wishes.

Competition is often for me uncomfortable too, regardless whether I'm the best or not.
Most of the time I don't play the game.
When someone wants to compete, OK, but not with me.

When people are unkind to me I withdraw from the situation, but go back at a later time and ask why.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy discussing deep, philosophical topics?

At 100.
We Dutch like to discuss..a lot!!
Foreigners often think that we're arguing, but were just duscussing matters and can drink a beer later without any problem.

Main Course
Did you get a flu shot this year? If not, do you plan to?

Yes, I did.
I'm a diabetic and I have asthma, so I got the advice to get the shot.

I've had a bad flu just a month before the shut and was very ill. So I was motivated this year.

Approximately how many hours per week do you spend watching television?

Let's see:

  • 250 min As The World Turns 50 min a day 5 days
  • 50 Casualty
  • 50 Holby
  • 50 House

So that's 400 min, add the news, occassionally some cabaret.

Say 8 hours.

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featured gift: Photo Blanket from Vision Bedding

I don't know why, but I'm enjoying the sinterklaas- and christmasseason more than other years.

Maybe because there's far more to discover in online shops, and even more that can't be bought in the shoppingcentres here.

Take for instance Vision Bedding.
They offer remarkable personalized gifts and home decor items.
The bedding they offer is of a very high quality and the decors are awesome.
Every members of the family can find something which is absolutely to the taste.
Whether it's flowers, sports, torpical or cowboybedding, VisionBedding.com has it in its collection.

Even more impressing are the custom blankets and pillows.

Almost any clear photo can be made into a useable bedding item.
And who won't be happy with a Photo Blanket?

With the latest phototechnology the images are dyed on the fabric.
So you can surprise grandparents with the photos from the grandchildren, mom with the babyphotos of the children, and dad with the photo of his favorite dreamcar.
The top layer (photo side) is made from a soft and breathable celtic fiber while the bottom layer is 320 thread count cotton in either black or white.
All photo bedding items are washable.

There's even photo dog bedding possible.

So why wait?
Vision Bedding is the best, so go and have a look!


29 November 2007

thursday bug

thursday bug meme

Sometimes it helps to share with others what bugs your mind.
They may have a solution, a kind word, or a smile of encouragement.

My bug today is that I worry about the way schoolkids protest against the new plans from the government.
They protest with the belief they're doing something good, but most of them don't realise they don't even know what they're protesting against, and they also don't know that they attract the almost professional riotters.

I sure hope I have drilled my kids enough to have them stay at school, and go from school straight home.


What's your thursday bug?

Leave your name and url with Mr Linky so we can find you.

Download the topgraphic of this entry

or one of the following
to your computer and from there to your site.
Link it to this site, so others can find the meme too.

Thanks for participating!


TV Wall Bracket

I can't believe some people still have their TV's hidden in a corner.

A friend just bought a plasma screen and when I said it shouldn't be in a corner, she had the excuse that it's the safest place, because the children won't come as near to it as at any other place.

Without thinking if I was tactful I said: "Have you never heard of a TV Wall Bracket ?"


No, she never considered that a wall bracket might be the best solution.

DekoMount has nice models on their site. Some with huge discounts.
They have brackets for all plasma TV's and all LCD screens.
There's an 18 month guarantee included and a price match guarantee.

Just select the brand of your TV and the size of the screen and DekoMount offers you the total amount of brackets available.
Choose is you wants a fixed one, a tilted one or one that moves in some directions, and you'll have the brackets at home within days.

I like the fact that you can call for assistance. So when you're lost about what you need, you'll get professional advice.

DekoMount is developing an amount of same day collection places, to help you even faster.

Trade prices are available, for an amount of 10 or more.
Just call the service line.

With the offers on their site, buying brackets for schools, for instance is an option within reach.

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog


Truly Wedding Favors

One of my friends is organising her wedding.

The joy of love combined with great expectancies.

We've been looking around for gifts for the guest and little table presents.

Ofcourse we found our way to the site of Truly Wedding Favors.

It's my favoritre site to buy presents and now they have updated their ordering system it's even easier to shop there, especially now we needed more of the same.

You won't believe it, but she's always so lucky.

Now too.

There are always special offers on the site, but this time she could buy the little presents for the lowest prize possible: under 1 dollar!!!!
Like the "love birds place holder" for $ 0,69.

We have little boxes for on the plates of the guests, each for $ 0.19, in blue and pink. We ordered some more for the children in het classroom.

Truly Wedding Favors is a unique site and the team is always developing the site, always looking for new items and always offering surprises.
I found the most lovely Silver Coach Place Card Frame, and we've decided to use them for the parents.

The site is a joy to be. Easy to use, with a fast shopping cart and a safe payment environment.

When you need assistance a very friendly team is ready to help you. Tollfree.

Even when there's no wedding involved you can use this site, because they have the best presents available.

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28 November 2007

works for me

This week something about hiding Sinterklaas and Christmas presents.

With a family of 8 hiding presents can be terribly stressful. When they find something the fun is taken away and buying something new is often out of the question.

So for the little presents I keep the washingpowderboxes. The empty ones are stored between the full ones and none ever has told me I don't need much detergent.
I wrap the presents in plastic, so they won't smell afterwards, and put them in a box with a little washingpowder. I cut a little hole in one or two corners, so when someone wants to take a box, it starts leaking powder. (Ha...that'll teach them!!)

For the large presents I have created room at the attick.
In the winter there's a large collection of boxes with summerclothes.
Behind the boxes there's space for real large items, if we have them, and otherwise the presents are stored in a box with "summerunderwear of the girls", right under the lovely T-shirts. So when they start looking in the boxes they'll start fitting the t-shirts. By the time they have seen them all I have found them there. LOL!

I've been doing this for ages and it works for me.

Want to take part too?
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27 November 2007

Save Buckets

Isn't this a great time for price comparisons.

You simply have to when you want to survive the rest of the year.
Everything is so expensive, and why be a thief in your own wallet?

A friend is teacher and she asked all the children in her groups what they wished for christmas.
She was surprised to find extremely expensive items on the lists.
MP3's were the main items.

For all those parents and grandparents I have the right site: Save Buckets.

It's a site where the prizes are compared of 1,723 MP3 Players and 799 Accessories.
All items are described and when available there is a link to buy the product even cheaper. For instance by buying more at the same shop so you get a discount when buying above a certain limit.

You can search in the shops you know, or in all shops.

This site enables you to find the best prize for the products on the wishlist.



Changing eating habits

Dear Laane,

After indulging myself at Thanksgiving and tasting in the shops at Black Friday I feel like a fully blown balloon that is chained to the ground.

Need I change my eatinghabits slowly or do you think it's better to be more drastic?


What a great question.

In the past I used to be kind and said that changing habits slowly would enable you to change them for a longer time.

Now I think you need a drastic change to unchain yourself.
Go to your neighbour and commit yourself to walking each evening. Maybe even with two or three other people, so when one can't go, there's always someone else.

Walk each evening a bit more and a bit faster, untill you feel you want to do more sports.
Clean your room from all unhealthy food and ingredients.
Take a salad with every meal.

Ofcourse you can inform yourself about healthy food on internet.

Don't forget to inform me about your progress.

Good luck!


26 November 2007

lcd digital photo frames

My son lives in a house with a couple of other people.
They'll celebrate the birthday of one of the groupleaders soon.
A bit too soon to find out themselves what he wanted to have, so they phoned his wife.
She told them he loved to have an lcd digital photo frame.

Now they have a new baby they can't afford to buy one, but when the group at the home will be able to raise the money, she will provide the photos.

What a marvellous idea!

So the young people living there, and the other group leaders have put their money together and they were so happy to have reached the necessary amount.

When they arrived at Digital Framez, they saw there was a discount of 5% for ordering before december 1, so they have bought him not only a digital photo frame but a mug and a package of cocoa too.

I had a look at the site of Digital Framez.
They have lowered their prizes tremendously. Not only for the digital frames but also for the portable DVD players.

Worth a look when you haven't done all your christmasshopping.


Eurovision Song Contest

Laane, I heard there are mayor changes in the ranking at the Eurovision Songcontest.
Why? Can you tell something about it?

In the past neighbouring countries tended to vote on each other.
That wasn't a real problem, because the winner was from another country about each year and all participants could find themselves more or a bit less in the choice of the winner.

When the eastern european countries and former Balkan countries joined, there were more clusters formed, and the winner wasn't always the best participant.

Now the contest will de completely different.
There will be 6 pots to start with, thus preventing returning voting.
That way the best participant will have the chance to win, instead of the country with the most friends.

You can read all at the site of the Eurovision Song Contest.


manic monday

November 26 2007

Which personality trait has gotten you into the most trouble?

Pfff... Can I answer this one next year?

I think the most troubles are caused by ... hmmm...

I'm a bit shy. Not when it's about the children or others, but when it's about me.
Not really on internet, but in real life I am.
I can make the perfect impression that I'm open and outgoing, but people won't see how I really feel.

I haven't had real troubles with it. Unless you count not finding a loving husband real troubles.

If you had to gain 10 pounds what would you eat to gain the weight?

Applepie, schwarzwalderkirschtorte, icecream, fudge.

How is your private self different from your public self?

People see me as the woman who stands up for her children, who has an outspoken opinion, who's never lost of a kind word and who can turn into a stand up comedian in a waitingroom.

I'm rather quiet at home...

Want to take part too?
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The Real Estate Book for fast choices

The Real Estate Book is a nationally and internationally recognized brand

One of my best friends is invited to move to America.
He's a scientist and so is his wife.
Both have longed for an opportunity like this after more of our university group went to Canada and America.

They were wellprepared, even before the offer was made.

They've saved enough to buy a house and already knew they would use the internationally recognised Real Estate Book to find their Real Estate.

The site the Real Estate Book has is easy to use and offers clear information.
One can search for homes or agents, country, city, amount of bed-and bathrooms and one can give the lower and upper limits of the online search.
Within moments one can see what's on offer.

So we sat down this morning, right after the papers were signed and started to make arrangements.

I know from experience things will move very fast.

And fast it was.
We had a look at the Atlanta Homes for Sale.
Within 5 minutes they had decided on a house.
A wonderful house in Winder. It's small, though luxurious.
Perfect for them both and they're really looking forward

The Real Estate Book displays good photos pf properties on internet, so you can see what you buy.
Available also a detailed map, so you can't drive wrong and information about the neighbourhood.
The prizes of the homes which are sold nearby gives a good indication of what to expect.
They're contacting the agent right now.

A second house they found on the page of the Charleston Real Estate.
So when the first doesn't work out, they have another option available.
It's driving a lot more, but they're used to it.

I'm so happy for them they've found a home so soon.
But I didn't doubt they would, seeing the used the Real Estate Book


23 November 2007

Black friday

Hi Laane!

I see black friday everywhere on internet.
Can you tell me what it is?


Black friday is the day after Thanksgivingday.

Shops open before sunrise and people have the opportunity to grab great offers on products.
It's the start of the christmasseason in america.


friday's feast

As our chef is celebrating Thanksgiving and in his menu today is only turkey, for those who want to play anyway Gattina's put up a feast.
Here is the menu.

Imagine that you are deaf, dumb and insensitive to touch. What other image of happiness could you have?

Being deaf would be very difficult.
Music keeps me alive, so first I would try to find ways to restore a sense of hearing, even when that means feeling fibrations inside.

I've got a grotta. That's an instrument that is used for healing people.
I think I would use it far more than I do now.

Keeping my sight would be a real happiness.
I could travel all over the world, read and write.

Do you collect anything?

Oh yes: giraffes, little houses, fountain pens, teapots.
I love earrings and pendants, and musical instruments.
I stopped collecting children.

When do you start your Christmas?

Certainly not before Sinterklaas has gone. That's december 6.
Changing the home into a christmasfeel makes my autistic kid go nuts. He experiences it as a true change of the world and he has to find a new sense of home again.
So some years I decorate only minimal. Just depending how I feel about facing all the meltdowns.

Main Course
What would you do if you were in a corner and a snake was staring you down?

Stare back ...
Sheeshj...I don't know.
Maybe step towards it to make an end to the situation.

If you were in the library and had gas.

Who? Me? I never have gas???!!!


need money?

Some people have enjoyed the preparations for thanksgiving, knowing their whole family would come to visit.

Now the day had almost come to a close they're left with worries.

All the lovely food, the drinks and a gift here and there has cost far too much, and nothing is left over for Black friday.
Even worse...there''s still a week to go intill next payday.

Ofcourse one can ask family for a loan. But moneyproblems within families are among the worst problems.

There's an easy solution to bridge the gap between today and next payday: apply for one of the payday loans.

You can get up to $1500 when you fullfill the requirements.

You need to have a job longer than 3 months.
You need to have at least a monthly income of $1000.
You need to have a valid checking account open for at least 3 months.

Ot works very easy.
You have to fill in an application form with personal information, employment information, current banking and financial information, and references.

A lender will decide if you're approved and how much you can lend.
Some have additional requirements. They'll let you know.

When everything is allright you'll money will be send to your account overnight.

There's no need to go somewhere. You can arrange everything from your home.

Always keep a close look on the rules how to pay back this cash advance.

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