10 December 2007

Laane aswers: stationary

Hello Laane.

People use stationary in their mails and it uses more and more space in my mail.
Isn't it a rule of net-etiquette not to use too much sopace in other people's emailboxes?


Hello Mark!

Well, people differ in opinion.
They say they make the mails prettier for other people.
So that's kind.

But I tend to agree with you.
Sometimes people use emailprograms and stationary they themselves can see, but others not.
They can at most only phantasize about it when they see the graphics in the attachement.

I think some people have lost sight on how many people are still on dial up.
It costs them a lot of money to get the mail in.

I think that net-etiquette means that you behave in such a way that you won't bother someone else in any way.
Those who have limited storage are bothered by stationary.

So it's a no-no to me.

But you can always ask if the other appreciates it.


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