08 December 2007

Use your family doc as an information centre

I've experienced that when matters go wrong at the school of the children it's always important to inform the family doctor.

For us he's not only the person who guards the physical wellbeing of us all, he also has a computersystem that's patient, can handle all the information there is and has an easy looking up system and a good back up.

So he knows who the therapists of the children are, knows which difficulties we experience, and in times of crisis knows exactly when the appointments are.

Right now we're going through a rough time about one of the children.
The school has made mistakes and tries to cover it up by making us look like bad parents.

Ofcourse that generates lots of stress.
Right now because the responsible organisation can't be reached and things happen that are not right at all.
Based on the wrong data.

Before they'll even think about asking us for facts, they'll go to our doc to find proof we're bad parents.

What they find are the data they need, so they can update their files and reconsider their actions.
And because I always take the effort to vent my feelings and ideas in a mail to my doc (hej, that's good for my heart! LOL!), he truly knows what's going on here.

Ofcourse we trust each other completely. We know each other well.

All we have to do is wait for the organisation who wants to proof we're not doing all we can to turn to our doc.
They always will.


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