26 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well, hello!

Please comment on my main blog when you want to wish me happy holidays.

You can find it here.



08 December 2008

commenting on blogs

Commenting on blogs is an interesting experience.

I understand people want to protect themselves against automatic comments, but why choose a system that prevents almost all comments?
Some of those fake word systems display unreadable words, which means I have to type new words in about 3 times before I either have my comment submitte3d for approval or I'm kicked out of the system.

Others use combinations that not only need my full attention, but are also written so little I nearly have to press my nose through the screen to see them.

Oh and how about those blogs where they have a pop-up jump in your face when you go over a link with your cursor.
To go to the comment section one needs to click a link... can't, because that pop-up covers it completely.

Another annoying things crossed my path today.
Someone not bothering about the ease to comment.

You have to highlight the whole page to find where to type what... and the window to comment displays the same colour as the letters.
Blind commenting gets a whole new meaning that way.

With all the slow loading pages, my urge to comment is about zero.
And it disappears completely when I'm trying to type and the page is still loading, so the window jumps from under my cursor, hup hup, to other places on my screen.

Well, that is...when I've ever been able to dinf where to comment.

Some sections are to be found above a post, or under it, or in some graphics or even between all sorts of links I doubt anyone ever uses.

Well, I'm sure you've come to some understanding that I feel bugged by my own urge to comment sometimes.



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