31 July 2007

Manic Monday

Quick! Off the top of your head list 4 words to describe you today, just as you are right now. (It could be thinking, feeling, looking, etc.- use your imagination.)
- tired
- dreaming
- singing
- staring

If you had an extra hour in your day today what would you do?

Just one hour? With no one around?
I'll practice bagpipe.

When is the last time you got lost and what happened?

I can't remember. I guess when I had to go to a fairly unknown school in the evening. It was dark and I didn't recognise anything.
First I tried to figure out where I was... walked a bit back... and then I asked soemone where to go.


30 July 2007

Avandia - diabetes control or not?

Laane, what is your opinion about taking Avandia from the market?

There's a lot to do about Avandia.
It's a diabetes medication that increases the sensivity of the body to insulin. That way less insulin or no insulin is needed to keep blood sugar levels within a normal range.

There's a lot to do about Avandia after reports in the media that research revealed a 43 percent higher risk of heart attack compaired to those with other diabtes medication or no medication at all.

Well, it's always difficult to generate perfect conclusions from research.

There is a certain group of diabetespatients that use Avandia.
Is it good to compaire them to other groups, with probably other phycical characteristics?

And it is a 43% higher risk of 90%, or a
43% higher risk of 0.1%?

I think the most important question that has to be asked is:
what's available to these patients that has the same effect and the same side effects?

I have tried each and every diabets medication that was available in my country for me.
I also have an amini acid metabolism disease, so there are diabetes medications I can't use at all.

Those I tried gave me side-effects that influence my daily life in a bad way.

So I have to make the choice between my daily wellbeing and a somewhat larger risk of heart disease.

I have no choice, because my family needs me now to feel better.

I want to have the well informed choice whether to take this medicine or not.
Taking it from the market will mean I have no other choice... everything will be worse.




28 July 2007

Love for Parker

We all must fight for the life of a child.

Love for Parker

Parker needs prayers,
and your donation to help him get the care he needs.
That sounds strange in such a rich country,
but insurance companies only care for numbers,
not for lives.

Just donate 2 dollar from your paypal,
or more...

Send him white light, energy, prayers,
all the good in the world,
so his bright eyes
can be among those of other children
for many years to come.

Click one of the images to get more information.


25 July 2007

give away

I'm taking part in a give away here.


23 July 2007

Fun Monday

Willowtree hosts today's Fun Monday.
And the question today is:

"Tell us about your best friend. Particularly things like: where you first met, how long you've been friends and why you think you are best friends"

I guess offline life is meant.

Well, at the moment I don't have a BEST friend.
I hardly see anyone as the children keep me far too bussy and tied to the house.

But of the people I know, the best friend is someone who is on vacation now.

We met a few years ago, because her and my children played together.
She came here with a complaint about one of my girls, so the start of our friendship was not well.
Especially not when I started to ask for facts and it turned out it was not my child, but her child that was in the wrong.

We know each other for about 5 years now.

In the beginning we used to drink coffee each week, which soon changed when her children all went to school.
Now I'm only invited when she needs someone to watch her children or water the pants during the vacation.

It's kind of disappointing when people deal with others this way.
On the other hand... as long as the children are friends it's good to know the parents well.


*** ten meme ***

Got the meme from SheWhoBlogs.


01. show on T.V- Casualty, Holby, House
02. flower - Honeysuckle and rose
03. color - Blue and red
04. sport - swimming
05. movie - Out of Africa
06. music - almost everything
07. food - smoked salmon
08. season - spring
09. day - the day I feel free
10. location - Scotland


01. hometown - I've never moved elsewhere
02. hair color - red.. and greyish at times.
03. hair length - ear length... little bit under, little bit above
04. hair style - the burden of straight
05. eye color - greyish blue
06. gender - female
07. height - 1.74 m
08. weight - too much
09. current location - at the computer
10. lefty/righty - left


01. have you ever been in love? - yes
02. do you believe in love? - yes
03. do you give up on love easily?- no...
04. do you think someone likes you? – yes
05. have you ever broken some one's heart? - Not that I know of
06. ever loved someone but never told them? - oh yes!
07. are you afraid of commitment? - Not in the past..
08. have you ever had a secret admirer?- Yes. And he'd better told me before I married!!!
09. do you believe in love at first sight? - yes
10. do you want to get married one day? - when there's a future for freedom for me


01. love or money? - love
02. white chocolate or milk chocolate? - white
03. flowers or candy? - flowers, I'm a diabetic
04. one night stands or relationships? - relationships
05. television or internet? - internet
06. pepsi or coke? - only when I'm really ill.
07. wild night out or romantic night in? - I settle for both
08. colored or black and white pictures? - depends
09. phone or in person? - in person. I hate the phone
10. aim or myspace? - none


01. have you ever been caught sneaking out? - no
02. have you ever been completely in LOVE? - yes
03. have you ever done something you regret? - Oh yes!
04. have you ever sky dived? - no, and I want to.
05. have you ever been on a house boat? - yes
06. have you ever finished an entire jaw breaker? - what's that?
07. have you ever wanted someone so badly it hurt? - yes
08. have you ever been streaking? - no
09. have you ever been skinny dipping? - yes. Once.. we sneeked in the pool at night.
10. ever wanted to marry a celebrity? - yes...that's a long time ago. Ron Ely.


01. are you missing someone right now? - yes
02. are you happy? - at moments
03. are you talking to any one right now? - no
04. are you bored? - almost. LOL!
05. are you german? - no
06. are you irish? - no
07. are you french?- no
08. are you italian? - no, but I have scottish blood.. and more
09. are your parents still married? - dad died
10. do you have a bf/gf? - noop.


01. Last phone call? - I got called by one of the kids.
02. Last thing you read? - the paper
03. Last IM? - what's that?
04. Last item bought? - Dunno.
o5. last thing you ate? - bread with ham
06. Last time you were nervous? - when I had to call the schoolinspector to file a complaint
07. Last person hugged? - my daughter
08. Last TV show watched? - Casualty
09. Last cry? - Yesterday. About my autistic son and the lack of help.
10. Last time you ran on the track? - Hmm... I was 15. Won the schoolcontest.


18 July 2007

bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is also known as manic depression.

It's a complicated disease, which consists of medical and psychological features.

The symptoms can influence daily life functioning in such a way that therapy and or medication might be needed.

Some people say the mood of the person with bipolar disorder changed unexpectedly between depression and mania (the low and high), but that's a simplification, even though those two are most prominent in most people.

One can say that people with bipolar disorder react to events and experiences in a larger degree than other people, this might be in intensity or length of time.

Bipolar affects all of the person: feelings, thoughts, perceptions, behaviour, the way the own body reacts and is experienced.

The person might be affected lightly, but might progress in a period of heavy problems keeping grasp on reality. Some people lapse into times of psychosis, or might commit suicide.

Bipolar disorder is not only difficult to live with for tghe person himself, but also for family and other people.
The sudden onset of heavy emotions and/or excuberant behaviour can create the stress of being afraid to do something wrong not to set it off.

That's why the person with bipolar disorder needs to be diagnosed by a psychiatrist, and often receives medication and therapeutic intervention.
And why the people around him benefit from specialised information and a light form of family/group therapy.


knitting instruction

Laane, do you know a good knitting manual?

Yes, you can go here.

Keep in mind that you need patience and old cotton or wool to try things out.

Start easy.


16 July 2007


Laane, where can I get lifestyle-advice?

Well, it's a bit depending upon your age.
But considering you're between 18 and 30 and living in the USA, you have lots of options.
You can hire a personal coach for lots of money, or subscribe to one or more of those posh magazines.

But I consider the best option for you is HerFabLife.com.

It's a site where many young people meet and exchange their latest finds of restaurants, concerts, events, fashion styles, shops, etc etc. Name it and you can find it.

You can register free and take part the way you like.

Fashion and lifestyle is created between people, and so you can network, contribute content to the site, voice your opinions and vote on content you like or dislike.
You can post your latest finds and thus be a guide to others, or you can sit down and see what others have come up with.

Just have a try and let me know your experience.



Puzzle Maker

A while ago I came across a site where I could create puzzles.
I can't find it anymore.
Do you know one?

Yes, fortunately I do.

Have a look at Discovery School.
They have plenty of options to keep you and the children bussy!


my question 1

Well, sometimes I have a question myself.

I came across a children's site with such a small and unreadable letters that I wrote a mail to the makers of the site.

I won't bother to put a link here, because it's a dutch site and most readers of this site don't read or speak dutch.

My question to you:
Do you ever react to these things on internet too?


Do Follow Bloggers


What's Merchant Circle?


Hello Laane!

I've been reading about
MerchantCircle and it made me want to know more.
Can you tell me, is it worth joining?

I've read these two articles: one at
Search Engine Lowdown and one at Businessweek.


Merchant Circle is a site where you can network with other businessowners on a passive and an active way.

Maybe passive is not the just word, but I mean that you can create a page there and let it work for you. Through that page you can inform others bussinessowners by keeping a blog, issueing newsletters, and with other features like coupons, maps, pictures.

You can be more active networking at the site too by joining the forum and mailing others.

There are three levels of membership, from free to 100 dollars, each with their own level of exposure online. So even when you have a little business you can profit from their unique features.

Merchant Circle is easy to access because they have a clear directory that leads you to local and national (USA) companies with a few clicks. With the same ease customers can find your business.

MerchantCircle is an important site for companies with and without their own website on internet.

For more answers to go MerchantCircle


washing a cushion with feathers

Can I wash a cusion which is filled with feathers?

Well, you have to read the label.

Many cushions can be opened and the feathers taken out.
You can wash the cover, and air the feathers.

Expensive cushions are better be taken to the drycleaners.

If the cover is very closely woven, you'd better not wash it yourself.

If the cover is losely woven you can have a try.
Take a natural soap, or very soft detergent, no bleach.
Lots of water.

Keep taking clean water untill it stays clean.


15 July 2007

Do Follow

This DoFollow Blog list is courtesy of Courtney Tuttle and was created originally by Coleen as the D-List.


contact form


disclosure policy

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me.

This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation, so I can give my autistic son a much needed computer.

This blog abides by word of mouth marketing standards.
I believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity.
The compensation received won't influence the advertising content, but will make me create extra topics or posts in this blog.
That content, advertising space or post will be clearly identified as paid or sponsored content.
I'm compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics.

Even though I receive compensation for my posts or advertisements, I always give my honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products.

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely mine.

This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest, or abuses morals.

Policy will be renewed at january 1 2010.

To get your own policy, go to http://www.disclosurepolicy.org/ .


autism spectrum parents

want to join?


painting your body


Hello Laane.

I have seen people with paint all over their body.
My parents say that's not very healthy, but they use paint without poison, don't they?


Yes, when they're sound of mind they use metallic-less paint, water based.
There is special bodypaint that is supposed to be safe.

The danger lies in painting all of your body.
Not all paints have the ability to let the skin "breathe" through it.
Your skin is an active organ. As you know it looses water and some minerals.
Closing off the complete skin can cause the body to heat up too fast and too much, which impaired your brainfunction.

Your skin also absorbs what's on it to a certain extent. That's why it's important not to use paint with poisonous elements in it.



Main image by Comteche.




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