30 May 2008

Fashion on the streets

It's the end of may, and we're ready to welcome summer, in this part of the world.

We've been trying to observe which line of fashion people use.

Right now, we feel there is no specific trend that pop's up.

There are still a lot of leggings (ugh!), but with longer shirts on it. (Phew).
Especially young and middle aged people are using elements of the hippy style, which makes the streets look colourful.

A little bit more green is used, but often in combination with flowers. Large flowers.

A little less skirts than last year, but they are wider.

Ready for the petticoat?

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15 May 2008


My dad was a conductor.
I've enjoyed the function for a while,
and now........


Grand Theft Auto 4. They love to play it.

Post is meant for grown-ups.

It's always nice have the oldest visit home.
He hasn't been around much, because he was able to get one of the GTA IV's that were sold when this month started.

GTA IV or GTA 4 stands for Grand Theft Auto 4.
It's a game, made by Rockstar Games, a new version of the already famous Grant Theft Games.
In fact it's the eleventh game in the series, meant for Xbox 360® and PLAYSTATION®3.

At first he thought it was just another version of the same, but when he was playing he realised that the new engine RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Gaming Engine), really makes a difference.

He also likes the fact that the controls are improved a lot.
He doesn't experience as many questions or uncertainties, which adds to the pleasure.
It also enables him to play "a better line", with the added experience of being able to add personal elements.
The fact that there is no recurrence from figures, like in the old versions, where different figures got the same look, makes one feel to be in a far more realistic world.

He also tried the game out with a couple of friends, and they all enjoyed it.

Need I say more?


12 May 2008


Are the endtimes coming?
See for yourself.


11 May 2008

happy Mothersday!!

Happy mothersday
to all those moms who recognise parts of this song:



Main image by Comteche.




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