28 March 2008

friday's feast

march 28 2008


What does the color dark green make you think of?

The woods/forests... and the end of summer.


How many cousins do you have?

I don't know.
My family is at one side very, very large.
When my grandmother died we lost contact, because we had no place anymore to host all of them.


On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how honest are you?


Main Course

Name something that is truly free.

My thoughts.


Using the letters in the word SPRING, write a sentence.

She Proudly Ranks Innumerable New-York Gardens.

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26 March 2008

works for me

Well, now Shannon, the host and creator of "Works for me" describes so well a product that works for her and that's worth sharing, I'll share something too of my own free will.

Some people wonder about the Buzzfuse banner on my site.

Well, it's a great addition to blogging.

When I've written a post I register it at Buzzfuse and put the code under my post.
Membership is free.

Without doing anything Buzzfuse sends a mail to my fans at Buzzfuse to tell them I have posted at my blog. In a daily mail other members of Buzzfuse are informed.
All they have to do is click on a link to visit the blogentry(, or click on the delete-button.)

The widget enables readers to rate the item, to comment, to become a fan, etc.

Last months I've won a premium edition of Buzzfuse, which means I can win money with the hightest rated post.
I know I've won last month, but I don't know how much yet.
fact is that the toprated items win thousands of dollars.
That's why I would love people to rate my posts.

Additional pleasure for me is that I can see how many people have read my post.

Being a Buzzfuse member has enabled me to find blogs I wouldn't have found otherwise.
Because I get a mail with all the topics each day, I sometimes can read about matters that have my interest without spending long times surfing.

Bussfuse is run by a very dynamic team who're constant developing the service.
The widget will get even better soon, but even now it's well worth a try.

In case you want me to invite you, leave your emailaddress, or use the contactform to send your address. (slowloading page).

I'm glad to have been able to share this with you, because it has made blogging more fun and worthwhile.

Tomorrow I'll blog about what smallpipes are for those who have asked.

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24 March 2008

unconscious mutterings

  1. Money :: wealth

  2. Unhappy :: tears

  3. Joking :: fun

  4. Chipmunk :: cartoons

  5. Date :: nice guy

  6. Slideshow :: dias

  7. Chicago :: New York

  8. Lifetime :: forever

  9. Skid row :: ?

  10. Edward :: Edward II - Birmingham Royal Ballet

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21 March 2008

friday's feast


Given the choice, would you prefer to live in the country or in the city?

The country.
I grew up near the woods and I've missed it ever since.
I'm lucky to live near a lake, where I can see the stars at night and enjoy some quiet, but I would love to live near the mountains.

Scotland would be fine.

Untill then I'll enjoy my garden.


Who is the cutest kid you know?

Haha!! When I choose one the other 5 are all over me. LOL!
But the twingirls feel the closest. Maybe because they don't have autism spectrum disorder.
One of them is very handsome and the other is....cutest.
Oops, I've said it!!


Fill in the blank: I couldn’t believe it when I heard ___________.

Have to think about that...

Main Course

If you could star in a commercial for one of your favorite products, which one would you want to advertise?

Smallpipes. LOL! Never seen a commercial on TV though.


What type(s) of vitamins and/or supplements do you take on a regular basis?

I take vitamins because I have an aminodeficitdisorder (say that fast 5 times. LOL!).
The vitamins keep me alive.

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17 March 2008

manic monday

If you could have any music group or musician play at a party, who would you hire?

Howe I feel at the moment?
Janis Joplin.
But as she is already enjoying the grass from the wrong side,
I think I seriously would consider Ramses Shaffy.
He's a famous, dutch, inspiring mucisian, and I've always wishes to meet him.

Name three things to be happy about today.

I don't have the faintest idea.

I hardly slept last night, because I was afraid my ADHD son would oversleep. He went to england early this morning for a schooltrip.
I'm not happy with the people who have to supervise the group, ::see here:: and I tried to go with them myself. I could find a B&B, but couldn't find a lst minute flight from the airport nearby for yesterday or today.

After he left, I went to bed and was nearly asleep when they renovation activities started in the neighbouring house.

So I showered, cup of coffee and internet, and found out that McCallum won't make the smallpipes the way I want them, with no nickel, no imitation invory, so they'll be far too expensive for what the dollar is worth at the moment...

Opening my mail I found out that there was a reply of the schoolleader about his interpretation of the relationship between my autistic son and the auticlass.
As I thought, he was informed there was a place for my son at the auticlass, and he was going to do his final exam at his (then former) school. That's why he reported us as criminals to the council. Our son is not visiting that school.

It's a rather painful subject, as that school doesn't want our son, because it breaks the daily routine of the other autists there.

So I've just mailed the guy to set him straight.
Luckily he also mailed by whom he was informed.
So I mailed that woman, so she can put things straight. She misunderstood the information she got, for the somaniest time!!!!!!!

Now I hope the schoolleader tries again to get my son admitted at the auticlass. I told him so.
THAT would make me happy.

So right now I don't expect something happy today.
On top of it I have an aching throat, as have 4 others here...

How do you release frustration?

Seeking the cause and try to set things straight.
I use the mail.
When I can't solve the problem that causes the frustration I get the next item that's on my list of "things to change" and invest my energy there.
Otherwise I can start working: laundry, cleaning.

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16 March 2008

unconscious mutterings

march 16 2008

  1. Paranormal :: telekinesis

  2. Alarm :: siren

  3. Operative :: working

  4. Changing :: transforming

  5. Framed :: picture

  6. Beer :: root beer

  7. Referral :: specialist

  8. Unmasked :: bare

  9. Movie star :: celebrity

  10. Handbook :: protocol

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14 March 2008

friday's feast


On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 as highest), how much do you like your own handwriting?

Depending on the mood and what I'm writing.

Calligraphy: 8
normal handwriting: 7
grocery list: 5


Do you prefer baths or showers?

For daily use: showers. I can shower within a couple of minutes, if needed.
But when I need to relax, I love(d) a bath.
It has been ages ago I smelled at bottles to find something nice to pour in the hot water.
Music, a book...


What was the last bad movie you watched?

Haha...It was so bad I can't remember the name.

Main Course

Name something you are addicted to and describe how it affects your life.

I feel sad each time I can't go to the band. My autistic son and his dad don't go along, and I just can't leave them together.
I can't use the highland bagpipes in the house, because people can hear it 20 houses further. LOL!
So I'm blogging to make money to buy smallpipes. That's why there are at times some silly posts, I need them to keep the posts in balance.
Now the dollar is as low I have lost over half I had worked for.
When people would rate me higher and more on the buzzfuse widget I might win one of the monthly money prizes and stop moaning about my smallpipes here.


Which instrument is your favorite to listen to?

It really depends on my mood.
I don't like artificial instruments very much though. Never did.
I'd rather like a steel guitar than one of those howling keyboards.

I like harp, and lots of african instruments.
I also like to listen to a good spanish guitarplayer.
And as a former balletdancer I dream away when I hear just one piano with a little echo.

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09 March 2008

Take the Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™ and bid for Charter High-Speed® Internet for Life

Last year Charter was Cable Operator of the Year 2007!

How I know that?

Because they are the providers of the Worldwide 250 Calling Plan. A plan that enables people to save on national and international calls.

Charter is a dynamic company bubbling with new ideas.

Now they're offering you the chance to preregister and bid at an auction.

Uhuh, don't run away.

There are huge prizes involved!

Preregistering is free. No need to bid or purchase anything.
It's wise to preregister for the auction because only people who live in the areas where charter services can be used can win the prize.
When it's time for the auction you don't want to loose time assessing the serviceability. So you can do it right now. It's free and easy. All you need is your zip-code.

Not only does preregistering means you have easy access to the auction at march 12 and later, but you'll also have the chance to win a Nintendo® Wii™.


This includes:

  • a Nintendo Wii Console,
  • Wii Stand,
  • 5 Sports games ( Boxing, Baseball, Tennis, Golf and bowling),
  • 1 Remote Controller,
  • 1 Nunchuk Controller,
  • 1 Sensor Bar,
  • 1 Wii AC Adapter,
  • 1 Wii AV Cable.

That's all you need to start to play immediately.

Isn't that great?

At March 12 the auction starts for all who live in the Charter serviced areas.
Bidding starts at $10. No reserve.
The hightest bidder will get Charter High-Speed® Internet for Life.
That means the best internet speed which is available in the area, a cable modem and wireless router, and free professional installation.

The auction starts as low as $10!!

They haven't put a reserve on the auction, so when no one else would bid you might end up with a very cheap life time internetconnection.

Charter provides two internet plans:
Charter High-Speed® - Speeds up to 5Mbps
Charter High-Speed® Plus - Speeds up to 10Mbps
Both come with additional services like anti-virus, firewall, and spam-filtering software and parental controls, 10 e-mail addresses per account, extra online storage, personal Web space and a helpdesk which is available 24/7.

Isn't that amazing?

I wish you all the luck of the world.

So go to the site now: click here!


08 March 2008

saturday special

~What's Your Favorite?...~

1. Favorite Time Of Day?:

Late evening or early night. When everyone is sleeping and it's finally quiet here.

2. Favorite Day Of The Week?:

No school troubles, apart from an occasional letter.

3. Favorite Month Of The Year?:

It's not december. I always feel I fall short.

I love spring, so that's the end of april, early may.

4. Favorite Type Of Weather?:

I'm Dutch, so I like the wind, I like a drizzle,
but I like snow best.

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the big GR again

G-rank is like a candle light.
The site hops from 0 to 3 and from 3 to 0 without even a change of content.

It's like an infant is playing with the buttons at a machine it doesn't know how to handle.

To me it means I write a post at rank 3, with full flair and enthousiasm, and when it's time to have it rewarded, I won't get nothing, just because the big G has hit the button again.

It's annoying, because the people who ask me to write have their gain of exposure, and I have invested time and effort with no return at all.

I think the system stinks.


saturday 6

1. What was the first board game you remember playing?

It was a dice game. I don't know how it's called in english.

2. When you last played a crossword puzzle, did you look up any of the answers before you finished?

I never ever look up the answers before I'm finished.
The last one I did a few days ago, while waiting for a meeting.

3. Did you ever own a Rubik’s Cube? If so, were you ever able to solve it on your own?

I've solved it a couple of times.
I think I was lucky.

Then one of the kids scratched the coloured stickers from the cube...

4. Take the quiz: What Kind of Puzzle Are You?

You Are a Jigsaw Puzzle

You are a complex person, although at first glance you seem quite simple.

Your personality is comprised of many interesting and distinct pieces.

You are captivating and often visually interesting. You can be seen from many angles.

5. You decide to buy yourself a jigsaw puzzle: what kind of image are you most likely to buy: a landscape, an image of an animal, a sports hero, or a shot from a popular movie?

I often do a puzzle at jigzone.com
I'm OK with all images, but I like one with a nature theme best.

6. Have you ever tried Sudoku? How easy did you find it (or would you think you would find it) to be?

I have tried, but I don't like it as much as crossword puzzles.

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Vulcano Santiaguito 2006

I was asked for the Volcano Explosion of Volcán Santiaguito - 2006

Here it is:


online casino at 32 Vegas.com

It's international women's day, so why not do what you want to do.
Why not try to play at an online casino?

Don't go to the first casino you see online, but go to the best.

Playing should be a complete pleasant experience and at the vegas casino you will have the time of your life.

It's pleasant to go there, the entrance is wellcoming and in very nice colours.
That helps to feel at ease.
Grab a drink, sit down, and read "getting started".
There you'll find a step to step introduction, so you won't feel a stranger.
Dowload the software the way it's illustrated and you're ready to go.

You'll get a 320% welcoming bonus and you have the chance to win one of the 13 jackpots.
When you feel insecure or you want to know something, just call the support service. The numbers are on the right of the side. Customer support is available 24/7.
Before you start, don't forget to have a look at the "promotions". There are great offers, so don't forget it.

The casino games are available in english, but also in Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Italian.

At 32Vegas all players are treated like a VIP, something you can expect at games which are operated and owned by Crown Solution Gaming Ltd.

Enjoy your time playing.
Be responsible.


07 March 2008

friday's feast


If you could be any current celebrity for one whole week, who would you want to be?

I would like to be Obama.
There are certain subjects I would want to explore, because people are waiting for understanding. I'm sure I would be able to make them feel hope again. And I certainly would get their votes.
I also would adress international issues far more.
It's important that people in all countries achieve mutual trust.

I'm not going to tell which subjects, because I don't want to feed the opposition.

I also would like to be Oprah Winfrey.
I can talk as good as she can. No problem there.
The change I want to make is that I want those huge presents given to people who always care for others but never have the chance to visit the program.
I also want a monthly episode in which online friends meet each other in real life.


On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how much do you enjoy talking on the phone?


Most of the time the phone is used for passtime. And my schedule is bussy enough.
Or it's used for bad news.
When people don't want to bother to write an email, it's not worth the call.
I have a cellphone, so if needed people can reach me. We don't have a normal phone.


Name a charitable organization to which you have donated (or would like to).

I have donated to many organisations.

In the past a friend who was midwife went to a hospital in Swaziland and she wanted to have a manually operated vaccuumpump.
We gave her all the money we saved and called the supplier to ask him to hand her the pump for that ammount. He valued the idea so much that he did, and he even gave her some more equipment.

Main Course

What is a food you like so much you could eat it every single day for a month?

Fish... smoked salmon.


Have you or anyone in your family had the flu this year?

We had it all. Yep. All 8.
I myself got the flu a month before the flushot and I've been very ill this time.
It took me quite a long while to get over it.

For the first time in years I didn't get ill after the flushot. So having the flu so badly helped... I tell myself.

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05 March 2008

works for me

Today "Works for me" goes the other way around.

So you won't get good advice, you'll get a question.

How do you keep all those girly hairthingies clean?
My twingirls have so many clasps and bows and such.

What do you do with them to clean them and to store them?

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A post that might interest you:
a day in the life of a stay at home mom


animal rescue

The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily
to meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals.

It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on the purple box "fund food for animals" free.



04 March 2008

10 on tuesday

10 Favorite Drinks
  1. coffee, just for the sake of it.
  2. Beerenburger. It's a herbal drink from the north of my country, and I loovvvveee it!
  3. Port. The older the better. I sip it and enjoy it in peace.
  4. Whiskey. Especially when it has a round smokey and woody taste. I want to taste the higlands in it, on a golden fall day.
  5. Cold light cola. It helps when I'm nauseated or worse. I can also treat rusty nails with it. LOL!
  6. Cinnamon Tea. It makes me remember my old dear friends. And Max, who always made it with a real stick of cinnamom.
  7. Ethiopean coffee made in the old fashion coffee ceremony. I love the taste, and I love the care, and it makes me long for Africa.
  8. Banana milkshake. Please more banana than milkshake.
  9. Oops I forgot my mineral water. I always drink tapwater or mineral water. All the above drinks, except for number 1 are jist drinks I use at special occassions.
  10. A bucket of icewater. Not to drink but o pour over the person who ordered the house next door to be renovated. I'm getting nuts from the noise, and the trembling and soon the dust too.

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ADHD drugs pose no risk for substance abuse

In the past it was stated that children who used medication to diminish the symptoms of ADHD were at a larger risk of developing substance abuse than those who didn't use these drugs.

In the march issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry an article is published about new findings.
The ADHD pose no extra risk.

You can read about it ::here:: .


reconstruction of Bach's face

The way faces can be reconstructed on bare skulls is intriguing.

Today I've seen online the reconstruction of the face of the famous Bach.

Caroline Wilkinson used a coppe rreplica of his skull in her lab at the University of Dundee in Scotland, and with computertechniques gave a new face to Johann Sebastian Bach.

You can see it ::here::.


03 March 2008

Bingo time!

It's so very interesting to hear how other people enjoy internet.

Today I ran into one of the elderly ladies of our neighbourhood. While waiting in line at the supermarket she complained about the fact that there are no bingo-evening anymore in the library nmear her house.
She used to go there with some of her friends.

One day her grandchild told her that she enjoyed her time online with partybingo, and she taught her grandmom the ins and outs of online bingo.

Not only the two of them have fun playing bingo, grandmom invited her friends to the bingo games too, and got a couple of nice bonusses.

She told me about the march special: partypoints will be translated into money for the Red Cross. Players won't use their points. But the points which are made will be the basis of the donation PartyGaming will make.
All the more reason to join them.

PartyBingo.com is for players of all ages, and the bright interface make participating a real celebration.

You can play: 90-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo, Instant Bingo, Old MacDonald, Fruity Looty and other games.

Before you start playing you need to make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Media Player installed. No problem, as the downloadlink is right at the sign in page you.
As a special treat any beginners deposit amount above $25 will be matched up to $200.
That way you'll have a good start.

All I can do now is wish you good luck and a very nice time playing.


the storm and the airplane

Last saturday a storm (Emma) hit Europe.
In Germany at Hamburg airport a plane tried to land.
A spotter got it on camera.


02 March 2008

unconscious mutterings

  1. Chemical :: pollution

  2. Poker :: masking facial expressions

  3. Federal :: legal

  4. Mattress :: sleep

  5. Who am I? :: tell me

  6. Investigation :: research

  7. In good hands :: my autistic son is in good hands now

  8. 8:30 :: schools of the kids start

  9. Creditors :: I don't like them, so I don't have them

  10. Resource :: we need recources

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marketing on the streets

Now the storm is gone and the sun is shining people take on their normal spring sunday acitvities.
In moderation, as it isn't officially spring yet, and the temperatures are not yet good enough for a T-shirt and jeans without a coat, but there's a start.

There's a complete new feature on the streets here.

One of the youngsters, or should I say adolescents, is able to print on jackets and T-shirts, bags and caps, and they all wear the name and url of their blog.

It's a very effective way of marketing their own blog.
And as they also have the urls of the others in the side-column the exposure of their
urls is like a real marketing campaign.

Don't tell me they don't know what they're doing.

They want new skateboard facilities and they hope to attract many visitors to their blogs who are also willing to sign their online list of request to the council.

I love this form of creativity and told then they should carefully monitor the visitors to their blogs and confront the local shops with their success. Good sponsoring is always wanted for youth activities!


01 March 2008

Marketing your blog

Finally my rank is up again.
It's google's award for a rather boring blog, that's for sure.

In the meantime I've devoted my attention to another blog to learn how to increase blog worth and to see if it's reflected in heavy traffic.

I got some free heavy traffic to my blog because I wrote about the news.
Persoanlly I don't think blogs should rewrite the news. There should be a good critical review added or there should be a humane aspect that needs attention. Like humanitarian need after an earthquake.
Or the readers should be guided to good insight in national and international items, and I did just like that.

Some people have boring blogs that rely completely on blogger traffic tools.
They're just a list of products with well known names of products and businesses, which just fit in the present high ranked seo keywords.
I've never understood why heavy traffic is targetted to top seo keywords when there's no real content, reflecting the ffort on the writers part.

Well, I guess it's to put heavy traffic on search engines.

Have a try yourself.
Find ways to increase the keyword search and you'll end up with many visitors who have a look and never come back.

I personally want a reliable group of regular visitors who are able to spread the word when some good content is written.


ancient images

Isn't this interesting?



Main image by Comteche.




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