26 March 2008

works for me

Well, now Shannon, the host and creator of "Works for me" describes so well a product that works for her and that's worth sharing, I'll share something too of my own free will.

Some people wonder about the Buzzfuse banner on my site.

Well, it's a great addition to blogging.

When I've written a post I register it at Buzzfuse and put the code under my post.
Membership is free.

Without doing anything Buzzfuse sends a mail to my fans at Buzzfuse to tell them I have posted at my blog. In a daily mail other members of Buzzfuse are informed.
All they have to do is click on a link to visit the blogentry(, or click on the delete-button.)

The widget enables readers to rate the item, to comment, to become a fan, etc.

Last months I've won a premium edition of Buzzfuse, which means I can win money with the hightest rated post.
I know I've won last month, but I don't know how much yet.
fact is that the toprated items win thousands of dollars.
That's why I would love people to rate my posts.

Additional pleasure for me is that I can see how many people have read my post.

Being a Buzzfuse member has enabled me to find blogs I wouldn't have found otherwise.
Because I get a mail with all the topics each day, I sometimes can read about matters that have my interest without spending long times surfing.

Bussfuse is run by a very dynamic team who're constant developing the service.
The widget will get even better soon, but even now it's well worth a try.

In case you want me to invite you, leave your emailaddress, or use the contactform to send your address. (slowloading page).

I'm glad to have been able to share this with you, because it has made blogging more fun and worthwhile.

Tomorrow I'll blog about what smallpipes are for those who have asked.

Want to read more tips
or want to take part in "Works for me"?
Click the logo.


Adam Hyman 27 March 2008 at 21:39  

Thanks for the post.

I look forward to finding out about smallpipes.

Have a great weekend Laane!

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