21 March 2008

friday's feast


Given the choice, would you prefer to live in the country or in the city?

The country.
I grew up near the woods and I've missed it ever since.
I'm lucky to live near a lake, where I can see the stars at night and enjoy some quiet, but I would love to live near the mountains.

Scotland would be fine.

Untill then I'll enjoy my garden.


Who is the cutest kid you know?

Haha!! When I choose one the other 5 are all over me. LOL!
But the twingirls feel the closest. Maybe because they don't have autism spectrum disorder.
One of them is very handsome and the other is....cutest.
Oops, I've said it!!


Fill in the blank: I couldn’t believe it when I heard ___________.

Have to think about that...

Main Course

If you could star in a commercial for one of your favorite products, which one would you want to advertise?

Smallpipes. LOL! Never seen a commercial on TV though.


What type(s) of vitamins and/or supplements do you take on a regular basis?

I take vitamins because I have an aminodeficitdisorder (say that fast 5 times. LOL!).
The vitamins keep me alive.

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Frances 22 March 2008 at 21:25  

I only had the one daughter, whenver I read about you and your children I say to myself, "Could you be as strong as Laane? Could you do what she does everyday?"
Enjoy the weekend.

Expat 24 March 2008 at 13:20  

This is looking cool.But I think the course is very big.

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