23 July 2007

*** ten meme ***

Got the meme from SheWhoBlogs.


01. show on T.V- Casualty, Holby, House
02. flower - Honeysuckle and rose
03. color - Blue and red
04. sport - swimming
05. movie - Out of Africa
06. music - almost everything
07. food - smoked salmon
08. season - spring
09. day - the day I feel free
10. location - Scotland


01. hometown - I've never moved elsewhere
02. hair color - red.. and greyish at times.
03. hair length - ear length... little bit under, little bit above
04. hair style - the burden of straight
05. eye color - greyish blue
06. gender - female
07. height - 1.74 m
08. weight - too much
09. current location - at the computer
10. lefty/righty - left


01. have you ever been in love? - yes
02. do you believe in love? - yes
03. do you give up on love easily?- no...
04. do you think someone likes you? – yes
05. have you ever broken some one's heart? - Not that I know of
06. ever loved someone but never told them? - oh yes!
07. are you afraid of commitment? - Not in the past..
08. have you ever had a secret admirer?- Yes. And he'd better told me before I married!!!
09. do you believe in love at first sight? - yes
10. do you want to get married one day? - when there's a future for freedom for me


01. love or money? - love
02. white chocolate or milk chocolate? - white
03. flowers or candy? - flowers, I'm a diabetic
04. one night stands or relationships? - relationships
05. television or internet? - internet
06. pepsi or coke? - only when I'm really ill.
07. wild night out or romantic night in? - I settle for both
08. colored or black and white pictures? - depends
09. phone or in person? - in person. I hate the phone
10. aim or myspace? - none


01. have you ever been caught sneaking out? - no
02. have you ever been completely in LOVE? - yes
03. have you ever done something you regret? - Oh yes!
04. have you ever sky dived? - no, and I want to.
05. have you ever been on a house boat? - yes
06. have you ever finished an entire jaw breaker? - what's that?
07. have you ever wanted someone so badly it hurt? - yes
08. have you ever been streaking? - no
09. have you ever been skinny dipping? - yes. Once.. we sneeked in the pool at night.
10. ever wanted to marry a celebrity? - yes...that's a long time ago. Ron Ely.


01. are you missing someone right now? - yes
02. are you happy? - at moments
03. are you talking to any one right now? - no
04. are you bored? - almost. LOL!
05. are you german? - no
06. are you irish? - no
07. are you french?- no
08. are you italian? - no, but I have scottish blood.. and more
09. are your parents still married? - dad died
10. do you have a bf/gf? - noop.


01. Last phone call? - I got called by one of the kids.
02. Last thing you read? - the paper
03. Last IM? - what's that?
04. Last item bought? - Dunno.
o5. last thing you ate? - bread with ham
06. Last time you were nervous? - when I had to call the schoolinspector to file a complaint
07. Last person hugged? - my daughter
08. Last TV show watched? - Casualty
09. Last cry? - Yesterday. About my autistic son and the lack of help.
10. Last time you ran on the track? - Hmm... I was 15. Won the schoolcontest.


JennieBoo 24 July 2007 at 18:09  

I'm so glad you played my TEN meme. It was fun reading your answers!

So glad you're a part of "She Who Blogs"!

Welcome! :D

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