18 July 2007

bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is also known as manic depression.

It's a complicated disease, which consists of medical and psychological features.

The symptoms can influence daily life functioning in such a way that therapy and or medication might be needed.

Some people say the mood of the person with bipolar disorder changed unexpectedly between depression and mania (the low and high), but that's a simplification, even though those two are most prominent in most people.

One can say that people with bipolar disorder react to events and experiences in a larger degree than other people, this might be in intensity or length of time.

Bipolar affects all of the person: feelings, thoughts, perceptions, behaviour, the way the own body reacts and is experienced.

The person might be affected lightly, but might progress in a period of heavy problems keeping grasp on reality. Some people lapse into times of psychosis, or might commit suicide.

Bipolar disorder is not only difficult to live with for tghe person himself, but also for family and other people.
The sudden onset of heavy emotions and/or excuberant behaviour can create the stress of being afraid to do something wrong not to set it off.

That's why the person with bipolar disorder needs to be diagnosed by a psychiatrist, and often receives medication and therapeutic intervention.
And why the people around him benefit from specialised information and a light form of family/group therapy.


Laane 18 July 2007 at 19:50  

Hi Tricia, all for you. ;-)
And thank you for this great blogroll!

Tricia 18 July 2007 at 19:57  

Now why would you leave a blogspot profile link on your brand new do follow blog??? LOL Adding you now.

Jason 19 July 2007 at 11:26  

Great blog. There are also some great articles on bipolar disorder at http://www.useful-info-for-you.com/bipolar-disorder

Joy 23 July 2007 at 06:18  

what a nice blog you got here Laane :) I'll definitely come back!

Happy House Quilts 13 August 2007 at 14:54  

hey...cool blogs...not sure which one to leave comments at...I'm an Art Therapist and used to run a MDDA (Manic Depression and Depressive Support Group in Massachusetts at a psychiatric hospital where i worked....can't get enough info out there about this disease...but it's also soooo manageable with a great support system around the person!

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