18 December 2007

Farrey's is a big help with planning a safer house

Each year around this time I get the feeling I need to spread the light fixtures far better.

They're now at the traditional spots.
You know: in the livingroom the chandeliers at the prefixed places, the bathroom light fixtures in such a place that they shine either in my eyes or cast a bad shadow. Just because the architect of the house didn't think.

About the same with the kitchen light fixtures. There's one in the corner of the kitchen and one beneath the cupboards. There are no ceiling light fixtures at all. Isn't that strange?

So I went through the house at the end of the afternoon, and wrote down the dark spots. Like at the stairs.

Then I went through the house when it was dark.

It's very reveiling to be critical about home lighting. There are some hidden dangers in the house, like at the stairs, and in the hall at the front door.

We have light there, but it makes me seen for the visitor, whereas I'd better see the visitor before he or she sees me.
So I decided to make a spotlight there first, that I can switch on with a simple movement of my hand.

I had a great time at Farrey's choosing new lamps and ofcourse the spotlight.
That'll be installed first.

You can browse the tremendous collection at Farrey's by browsing by category or brand.
I like the fact that the site is so often updated with new additions to the collections, which are clearly indicated.

I also like the fact that I can find complete collections of brands with one click on one of the lamps. That way I can use fixtures that create a designed look.

Ofcourse Farrey's has a nice amount of energy saving items.

Have you seen a lower price for an item elsewhere?
Call Farrey's and get a competitive quote.

Farrey's has a lot more on their site than lighting fixtures.
Just have a look.


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