11 December 2007

Travelling through New Zealand

I know quite some young people who are doing their final exams this year.
There was a get together this evening and it was great to hear them make plans for a long special summervacation.

Last year some of the group went to Australia, and they now want to go to New Zealand. They're not going as a real backpacker. You know, travelling like it comes without planning ahead.

No, they planned their stays at New Zealand Hotels, so they could sleep and eat well and have a good starting point each day.

It was fun to hear them making choices.
Some preferred to go first to one of the Christchurch Hotels because they think it's the best way to get used to the climate.

Well, I guess they're used to it in no time, seeing that the temps are quite moderate.

Others want to go to Auckland first, because it's a city area, with yet enough chances to enjoy nature. Like the vulcanic features. Staying in one of the Auckland Hotels would create a great base for the trips around the large city.

Well, Wellington has even more citylife to offer, so staying there at one of the Wellington Hotels would be of great educational value.
Wellington is the main political centre and it has many cultural events each year.

After a lot of fun, they decided to use CheaperthanHotels to find out where to stay and to book in advance.
One can pay on arrival, so they can earn money on their way.

CheaperthanHotels is great to book last minute deals. Their prices are so sharp!
But the all year prices, that carry the same price all year, a good too.

Now they're telling their parents about their plans.
I'm sure they'll go to New Zealand within a few months!


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