28 December 2007

I long to relax

To be honest: I'm going nuts here today.
The fireworks are sold from this morning 10.00 hours and I bet they have already sold for millions.

There's so much noise on the streets, and when I was outside half an hour ago I heard several policecars and the firebrigade.

I wish I could just move away to a quiet spot in Amsterdam, for instance.

Won't be a problem.
All I have to do is pay a visit to http://www.easytobook.com and look at the page of the Amsterdam Hotels or take one of the special offers of the main page.

The Hem Hotel has a great offer at the moment. I might consider it.
They have a choice between smoking and non-smoking rooms and I might even be lucky and get a room with a jacuzzi.

But I won't mind travelling a bit and land in an unknown town, like Barcelona.
The Confortel Almirante Hotel sounds great.
Because EasytoBook offers a lot of information,about attractions, landmarks, restaurants, shopping, transportation and a lot more,there's no need to feel lost. Especially not because they offer a map at each hotelpage, so I can visualise where I am and how I can reach the places I want to go to.

Even in a town I don't know I can't go wrong. All I have to do is trust the reviews of others.

EasyToBook.com doesn't charge anything for the service they provide.
One pays at the hotel.

Booking is very easy.

Now I have to tell my family their mom is planning to go abroad and really relax.


Humor 29 December 2007 at 13:01  
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Mozambique Accommodation 20 May 2008 at 17:37  

Hi Laane,

Fireworks? Do you guys still sell fireworks in the Netherlands?

I know in South Africa, they have actually banned sales, so New Years Eve and Guy Fawkes tends to be pretty quiet affairs these days.

Maybe you should come down to this side of the world when you next feel like going nuts. Or otherwise get some ear muffs :)

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