11 December 2007

Bad Credit Offers

My gram used to say that life goes in circles.

According to her many countries go through times of poverty and times that all goes well.
There's always an upper class that never expereinces the pains and problems of the other people, but the rest is on a wave of good times and bad times.

She's so right.

When I look around so many people are dealing with moneyproblems.
The years of glory and freedom have disappeared and we all seem to struggle one way or another.

We've been lucky.. we live sober and we have no debts.
I think having no car makes huge difference.

Friends haven't been dealing with their money well.
OK, they have a great car, go on holiday twice a year and they have a new floor in the livingroom. An expensive one.

They have been in debt so often, and they barely survice, but they do.

Now they're in a situation they can hardly get a loan anymore.

So I asked them how they manage to do what they want.

They asked me if I didn't know about bad credit loans.

There's a site: Bad Credit Offers, and it compares offrers for people with bad credit.
It's just a matter of choosing the loan that fits the situation the best and pay on time.

He also said he's had his debts assessed and got help to regain control again.
He said that over 2 million people had credit counseling the last years.

I think it's great there are services like these.
Not for people who consider living at the edge a sport, but for those who had to deal with circumstances beyond their control, like friends who lost everything in Katrina.

When you're serious about it, you can free yourself from the burden of debt.
I think it's great!


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