31 December 2007

Looking for houses

Told you about my friend who needed an office in another town and wanted me to find one?

Instead of asking at the same time to look for a few appartments, houses or condos, she mailed me today.

It's the last day of the year!! I have other things to do!

Luckily there are sites like National Relocation, so I can arrange things in no time.

Because on the site owners can advertise their property for rent for free, there is a huge choice.

Because the living spaces are needed very soon I didn't search the homes for sale but searched the houses for rent.

It didn't take long to find some nice houses.
Looking at the pictures, the floorplan and the description it wasn't difficult to make a choice and contact the landlord by using the online form.

National Relocation offers all information needed to move.
There's also a list of realtors with photos, so meeting the realtor at a property isn't a problem.

Now I can only hope all things work out well, but i don't doubt it.

Happy New Year!


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