14 December 2007

friday's feast

Make up a word and give us its definition.

It's actually a word one of my children made up when he was little.
floepstoep (floopstoop)
It's a heightened area in the street to keep the speed of cars down.

What is currently your favorite song?

The song that keeps popping up in my mind: "nothing compared..."
and the song I'm learning: "lambada del serpente".

I guess the christmassongs will crawl in my mind soon.

What’s at the top of your Christmas wish list this year?

Well, as my online friends know: we've already had our gift-event: Sinterklaas.
But right now I need a watch. And if I had a choice I would choose a pocketwatch, as it fits well with my bagpipers uniform too.

Main Course
Name a scent that reminds you of someone special in your life.

Cinnamon: remembers me of my gram, a friend that used to make cinnamon tea for me, another one who treated me cinnamon buns.

And fresh baked cake... awww... me and my gram in this time of year.
I got the apples from the cellar, peeled and slices them,
and we threw rum in, cinnamon, lemon.....
Ohh, the smell.......

Who is someone on television that you feel probably shouldn’t be, and why?

Ugh... I try not to pay attention to something like that.
I don't like the know-it-all, the one who shocks others to get a point across, who laughs at the expense of others.

I'm not sure if I want to be santa claus...


Olivia 15 December 2007 at 04:41  

Great feast, love your main course. That's neat that you play the bagpipe, I really like the way they sound.

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