24 December 2007

Close Combat Training

It's three years ago both my husband and I were attacked on the street.
They guy was huge, a security man, and he was angry, because we told his son to stay away from our autistic boy.

He targetted my husband, but I immediately reacted instictly and started to talk his head of. So just before he was ready to deliver a blow, he was struck by a curve in my logic, I purposely put in the draw his attention.
As a psychologist I knew what I was doing, being well trained to prevent aggressive clients from attacking.

But the guy was well trained, and my husband was not able to grasp his brains together and run.
He went to me very fast and swift, and I instinctly relaxed all my muscles in my arms, while pulling all my stomach muscles together.
Oh...I was glad to be a welltrained balletdancer.

He hit me with full force with both fists on my arms, intending to break them, and when he realised I didn't even utter a sound he was struck with amazement.

I kicked his leg so hard HE made the sound and then I ran to call the cops, yelling: I'm calling the cops, I'm calling the cops!!

Before the cops came he managed to deliver my husband a blow in the face, but his self-confidence had suffered tremendously and when the police was heard in the distance he went away.

Ten minutes later he was arrested, and all I had were two enormous black spots on my arms.

I don't know all The Truth About Martial Arts, but I knew that I could trust my instincs and I was able to live from the unity of body and mind.

The police told me later I was the first person to withstand the guys attack. The first who didn't become a victim, and the first who was willing to put the guy behind bars.
Well, to be honest, I wanted him to go without his regular training and wanted him to loose his security license.

Months later I had to pass him on the street. I was afraid he might attack me and I knew that if he would I was nothing to him.
I was lucky. He didn't attempt anything. But in his eyes I saw a moment of intention.

When you want to be able to keep guys like him from you, when you want to survive attacks, you'd better gift yourself a course of Close Combat Training.

Captain Chris Pizzo is a World Leader In Self Defense, and he offers a lot of information on his site.

Even more: You can order a free 30-day test drive of Captain Chris' Close Combat training. (Mind the shipping costs: $14.95 for US & Canada orders,
$39.95 for International orders).
Captain Cris has dedicated his life to spreading the "truth" about martial arts and self defense after he was badly attacked on the street.

Go to http://www.CloseCombatTraining.com to inform yourself.


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