27 November 2007

Changing eating habits

Dear Laane,

After indulging myself at Thanksgiving and tasting in the shops at Black Friday I feel like a fully blown balloon that is chained to the ground.

Need I change my eatinghabits slowly or do you think it's better to be more drastic?


What a great question.

In the past I used to be kind and said that changing habits slowly would enable you to change them for a longer time.

Now I think you need a drastic change to unchain yourself.
Go to your neighbour and commit yourself to walking each evening. Maybe even with two or three other people, so when one can't go, there's always someone else.

Walk each evening a bit more and a bit faster, untill you feel you want to do more sports.
Clean your room from all unhealthy food and ingredients.
Take a salad with every meal.

Ofcourse you can inform yourself about healthy food on internet.

Don't forget to inform me about your progress.

Good luck!


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