03 November 2007

Spock is new

I was asked to tell more about a searchengine that delivers information in a well organised way.
Ofcourse all searchengines have a way of organising their content, but when you want to find information about persons I know the right thing for you.

I'm talking about Spock.

This is a searchengine that provide basic information about persons, information that can be added and adjusted by members.
That way you can, for instance, put your CV, a photo and other information about you on internet at a place where it can be found within a click.

Spock isn't intended to be a communication group, but it has many features that enable communication, like messaging.

I tried by typing in Nobel prize winner and found a long list of all the winners.

because I'd just read something about Toni Morrison I looked her up and found this:

Isn't it marvellous?

Now you can add your information, like haircolour and musicpreferences too, and even add your knowledge about others.
You can vote, and participate in the system in other ways.

Right now I'm sure I will use the system often.
Looking up detailed information can come in very handing when preparing for a meeting.
I'm very bad with names and looking at the photo of a person and seeing information ads identity to an otherwise unknown fase.

I don't know how much control there is on how relevant the information is that can be added by the members.
Right now the searchengine works very efficient and comes up with what I request.

When I search for British logician I get a perfect list.
But what happens when people add fake information? I know there are people that sick.
And how about the copyright of the photos?

I'm sure these matters will be solved in time.

Right now Spock is really an additon to the world of internet.
It deserves to carry the name of this wonderful icon of my past.

You won't forget to use this searengine!


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