28 November 2007

works for me

This week something about hiding Sinterklaas and Christmas presents.

With a family of 8 hiding presents can be terribly stressful. When they find something the fun is taken away and buying something new is often out of the question.

So for the little presents I keep the washingpowderboxes. The empty ones are stored between the full ones and none ever has told me I don't need much detergent.
I wrap the presents in plastic, so they won't smell afterwards, and put them in a box with a little washingpowder. I cut a little hole in one or two corners, so when someone wants to take a box, it starts leaking powder. (Ha...that'll teach them!!)

For the large presents I have created room at the attick.
In the winter there's a large collection of boxes with summerclothes.
Behind the boxes there's space for real large items, if we have them, and otherwise the presents are stored in a box with "summerunderwear of the girls", right under the lovely T-shirts. So when they start looking in the boxes they'll start fitting the t-shirts. By the time they have seen them all I have found them there. LOL!

I've been doing this for ages and it works for me.

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Frances 28 November 2007 at 19:12  

The soap powder box trick is excellent.
Happy Hiding

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