17 November 2007

saturday special

1. While visiting in Europe and driving along the countryside you spot a famous castle that has long been empty. Excited you decide to check it out. Your curiosity getting the best of you, you drive through the large iron gates to the castle and get out of your car and walk past the large fountain in the court yard to the main enormous door and __________?:

get a ticket from the police. I have no driver's lisence. LOL!

2. Entering the castle you are in a large completely furnished hall and a room with two large sliding doors closed on your right, a beautiful spiral staircase ahead and another room on your left also with closed doors. You decide to take the __________?:


3. Much to your surprise you find __________?:

A new set of bagpipes and one of my favorite bandmembers waiting for me.

We put the bagppipes together and test the reed.
After making it a bit more souple, we have a try and the sound is magnificent.

He gets his bagpies and both walk through the empty building, enjoying the enormous full sounds of the songs we play.

When we're tired he puts on a fire in the open hearth, and we both sit down.
In his bagpipecarrier he had a bottle of whiskey, and we enjoy the warmth from the fire and the taste of the whisky.

Slowly the sun sets and casts long shadows through the windows.

The evening is long, the carpet soft, and the rest I'll leave to your dirty minds.

4. Upon leaving and driving off, you know you will never forget this adventure and think to yourself __________?:

That I have to drive back because that new set of bagpipes is still there.
So I turn the car and then the alarm goes off.


Lori Madison 18 November 2007 at 01:05  


I thought your answers were quite original and I enjoyed reading them. Have a joyful Sunday.

Frances 19 November 2007 at 21:33  

Love your answers.
Waving at you from New York,

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