16 November 2007

DonCapone Voice Over for almost every budget

The voice with which products are presented influences the customers to buying more than the actual wording of the message does.
Movies and documentaries are better absorbed with the proper voices.

The way we perceive the world is not only by seeing, but also by hearing.

That's why VoiceOver is so important.

Done Capone is a voice over talent that lends his voice to a multitude of mediaproducts: Documentaries, Radio spots, Television programs, business presentations and characters in movies.

The right voice complements every message and Don Capone has that right voice.
For over 27 years he worked at CBS Broadcasting and Clear Channel Communications, providing identity and easy listening.

having the right voice is not the only important characteristic required for good voice overs.
The language needs to be spoken without accent. People need to be able to focus in a relaxed way to hear the most of a message.
The person needs to have an insight in how texts are constructed. That way natural speaking is facilitated. People can hear when someone only reads the grammer, follows the interpunction. Insight and understanding are important for changes of the height of the voice and other natural changes.
A person also needs to be able to follow the instructions of a director, or to follow the movements of a movie character.
He needs to be able to put emotion in his voice when that's required.
And he needs to be able to edit texts so they can be adjusted to the abilities of the voice or to the circumstances.

There's Voice Over at Don Capone available for every budget.

You can hear samples on the site and get an idea for what kind of jobs voice over can be used.


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