14 August 2007

M - encyclopedia of me

At Bella Dia I came across a great idea: An Encyclopedia of Me.

M is for Music.

Music is my life.

My whole family sang. My uncles sang in the family choir that existed for over a hundred year.
My grandma taught me first technical aspects of singing, and taught me to sing operette and opera.

When I was 4 my father took me with him to the choir he conducted. It was for 8 and over, but none cared that that little shy girls was singing too.
He was very dedicated to teach everyone good breathingtechniques, good pronunciation and good use of the vocal cords.

Later I was solosinger and choirsinger in the church and at highschool.
Ofcourse I sang in a folkband, and I've even sang in a rockband.
Ask me, and I'll do it again.

My first soprano has sunk a bit, due to age. (But I can practice and get it higher).
I can sing about everything, including falsetto and the kidn of singing that is used in musicals. (Don't know the translation)

My first musical instruments were pots and pans.
Later I learned all sorts of flutes and whistles, learned myself guitar and violin, got the most boring pianolessons, played organ in the church.
Now I play all sorts of instruments with highland bagpipes setting: the GHB shistle, hornpipe, smallpipes and the great highland bagpipe.
I would love to learn the play the harp.

Listening music is great to.
Depending on my mood you can enjoy me with...almost everything. Also hardrock, some house and techno..I'm OK with the new trends as long as they are not only a boring "...dump..dump...dump..."

M is for Motherhood.

My gram has a bunch of kids and she taught me a lot.
I enjoy motherhood...at times.
They say you get what you can carry. Well, four boys with autism spectrum disorder is a bit too much at times. It's not being their mother, it''s being their representative at schools which makes it a heavy task.


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