01 August 2007

10 Countries You'd Like to Visit

  1. Scotland. Because I have some drops of Scottish blood, and, wow!, are they powerful!

  2. Mali. I don't know why. There is a strong bond... but why? I like the music... love it!

  3. England. To visit friends and the places I love. I need to be in the lake district again.

  4. Malaysia/Borneo. To meet my friend Cindy.

  5. USA, to travel crisscross around to visit all my friends. Which is ofcourse impossible. And to meet the people who accepted me as their sister.

  6. Iceland. To see the geysers.

  7. Italy. Because I want to visit the vulcano's and I like to speak italian again.

  8. Tibet... because a friend told me I should go there... and I think he's right.

  9. Nepal. For the same reason.

  10. Wales. To find out if I still feel at home there.


Snoskred 1 August 2007 at 21:58  

Kilts! You forgot to mention the kilts, how sexy are those things? I once found some leather ones online and begged The Other Half to let me buy one, but there was no way he was going to wear a skirt.

It's such a pity because I would have found it irresistible.. :) Men, get a kilt, we won't be able to keep our hands off you.. just a piece of handy advice there.. ;)

This is my first time here, I think. I'm reading you via the Bumpzee Do Follow RSS feed, which is one of my favourite things. Of course that means I'll be back from time to time to comment. Nice blog template! ;) Somehow oddly calming.


JennieBoo 1 August 2007 at 22:03  

Nice list...several places I didn't think of...

Happy Wednesday!

Frances 2 August 2007 at 04:26  

Wales was my number ten too!
I hope to be on your list when you get to the USA
Your blog buddy,

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