07 August 2007

Works For Me: What's That Smell?

The smell of the boy's little room...


Well, we girls go upstairs.
They're too lazy to go there during the day anyway, and they don't have to go as much as we girlies do during the night.

I have taught each and every boy that sitting is best if you carefully guard the way of gravity for the bodypart and the fluids.

Ofcourse they try to do it standing up as soon as they see other boys at school.
By that time they have mastered bodyparts and gravity.
If something goes wrong, I comment.

Older boys who direct their liquids the wrong way get the message that splashing around is done in the pool and they either have to sit down or go on their knees.

And the father?
Well he takes turns with cleaning.... so he has learned the whole hygienic bit because he has the smells.

I clean the wall with vinegar and soap. It's against smells and it cleans well.


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