13 August 2007

L - encyclopedia of me

At Bella Dia I came across a great idea: An Encyclopedia of Me.

L is for Loyal.

I'm a very loyal friend and I try to teach my kids the same.
But I also want them to stay trie to themselves.
At times I have been more loyal to a socalled friend than loyal to myself.

L is for Lillies of the valley.

I love the smell and I love the look.
They remember me of my gram and of my stay in england, so many years ago.
It's the promising fragrance of spring.

L is for Laundry.

I think my family think I like laundry. Well, I don't.
I get so much that I can wash full machines of blue, white, black, red, green at least once a week.
That's at least 5 white and blue. Ugh!

L is for Love.

Luckily love doesn't come in a bottle that needs to be refilled.
So I try to give it around freely.

In case you expect now a story about the love of my life.. you won't find it.
I thought I married the best guy in the world, but he only was playing that part before our marriage.
I decided not to put my life on halt because of that.

L is for Listening.

Soooo important! especially listening "between the lines"....

L is for Ladybug.

I love ladybugs.
When I had big surgery a few years ago a ladybug was in my room every day.

L is for Labour.

I've had my share of experience with pregnancy and labour.

L is for Library.

When I think about livbrary I often think about the huge university library I went to study with friends. I still remember the smell. It felt so rich.


Mary@notbefore7 14 August 2007 at 03:41  

Creative Meme - great way to let us know a little more about you. We love ladybugs in this house. We have the most wonderfully comfy ladybug pillow I bought the hubby for our first Christmas. Now we all fight for it!

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