04 August 2007

D - encyclopedia of me

D is for Dreams.

I'm a dreamer and idealist.
Now I'm getting older I have to face that some dreams never will come true.

I always longed to go to Mali.
But I doubt if I will ever get enough money to go there.

But Scotland is near enough to be not too far away.
So I enter contests... maybe once in my lifetime I will win a trip to see it all.

D is for Diabetes.

I started to feel very tired. It became worse and worse. Then my eyesight got worse.
because I've always had gestational diabetes I knew I was at risk for diabetes.
My doc said it was not necessary to test.
I started to eat sugarless and felt a bite better.
A friend send me a glucosemeter and the next morning I told my doc I had diabetes and needed medication.

Living with diabetes is rather difficult as there's never a balance in energy here at home.

D is for Deliveries.

I have some experience with deliveries as a mom.

My first and second child were born at home. Wonderful experiences!
It's a pity I had to go to hospital for the other ones. (My second child died a couple of days after birth).
They were all induced with a drip.

All in all I've had 4 boys, 1 girl (she died a few days later), 1 twins, 1 little one who died intrauterine, 4 miscarriages.


Jas 5 August 2007 at 01:17  

Hi Laane
That was interesting. An encyclopedia of yourself. Are you a psychologist by training?

You seem to have had your fair share of life experiences, especially with kids. There's so many ... if it was me, I think it would have broken me. With just two, they already drive me up the wall (daily) ...

you're strong.

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