23 August 2007

thursday bug

thursday bug meme

Sometimes it helps to share with others what bugs your mind.
They may have a solution, a kind word, or a smile of encouragement.

This week my thursday bug is:

I'm waiting for the decision from the department of financial support.
My son (with severe asperger syndrome and ADD)
is moving to a trainingshouse and he needs to have financial support to live there.
He has the right to get it,
but our council is wellknown for dragging out procedures far too long.
He needs it september 1.
So it keeps bugging my mind, because he has less than a week left.

What's your thursday bug?

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Thanks for participating!


JennieBoo 23 August 2007 at 23:54  

I am still praying for your financial needs.

God will grant your needs. Just have faith.

BTW, my "bug" is "The Hubby's" ear infection. (seems kinda lame compared to yours, though)

You'll remain in my thought and prayers!

Frances 24 August 2007 at 05:15  

I too am praying that all will be well.
My Thursday Bug? Hubby's arthritis and sciatica is very bad - the weather has been so damp. I'm so hoping he feels better.
Take care,

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