02 August 2007

B - encyclopedia of Me

B is for Bagpipe.

I always wanted to play bagpipes, but never got the opportunity.
Then one of the girls wanted me to find someone who could teach her.
We found a band and we now have bagpipe lessons.
A few months ago I bought my first bagpipes. Never thought I would be able to realise this dream.

I'm still learning, but I can blow a couple of melodies very well.
I enjoy it tremendously.

B is for Ballet.

I have been a balletdancer part of my life.

I can say I have spend my happiest moments in my life dancing, or during lessons.

Even the most simple exercises were ultimate joy and happiness.
Somewhay my soul was caught in a bubble and was lifted in the movement.

I still regret I stopped ballet when I met the father of the children.
I should never have married, even though I don't regret receiving my children.

I'm so grateful my niece enabled me to teach once in a while and make choreographies for her balletschool.

That I started again when I was over 40 was great!
It not only set in motion the whole balletmovement for grown ups in my country, it also gave me the necessary break from being a mom.

I still hope my knee will heal well enough to enable me to do some ballet, or that someone will find me to teach or make a choreography.

Untill then I'll smile when I see those lovely dancers around me and especially those I taught up to ballet academy.


Piping Girl 5 August 2007 at 06:57  

Glad to see another woman piper out there, I hope your bagpiping continues to go well, I'm glad you were able to pursue this dream.

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