12 August 2007

K - encyclopedia of me

At Bella Dia I came across a great idea: An Encyclopedia of Me.

K is for Kingdom

Well, at the moment we live in a Queendom. LOL!

Queen Beatrix is our Queen.
Her mother Queen Juliana and her Grandmother Queen Wilhelmina reigned before her.

Today we heard that Castle Drakensteyn is prepared, so that means that Queen Beatrix won't be our Queen much longer.

Which means we will become a true Kingdom with our King Willem-Alexander.
We already had 3 King Willem's (before the Queens).

K is for knitting.

I have a long list of what I've made.

One of the most stirring was a wonderful red soft cardigan with thin cables and open patches.
I don't know how that kind of knitting is called.
It was beautiful!

When my mother saw it she accused me of lying. To her opinion I never could have made something so beautiful.
Well it says a lot about how she treated me.

K is for Knowledge.

I've always enjoyed studying, and I still do.

K is for kids.

Well, they should be under the c, but as the letter K is not often used in the english language...
I have 6 alive.


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