07 August 2007

G - encyclopedia of me

At Bella Dia I came across a great idea: An Encyclopedia of Me.

G of Global Peace and global citizenship.

To me one of the most important themes in my life is Global Peace.
I think we can only achieve this when we become aware that we shouldn't think in countries and borders.
That we're born at a certain place on earth doesn't mean we should put a wall around that place and tell everyone it's "mine".
We're all guest on this earth and when we accept we're all guests and we all need and deserve respect, then real peace is far more within reach.

G for Garden.

My garden is important for me.
It's my place outside home, literally.
I love nature, and it's great to see plants and flowers grow and express themselves.
I prune at times, because I don't want plants to kill each other, but I enjoy the abundance so much that some people might think my back garden is a bit overgrown.
Well, I like the feel of the arms of the trees spread around and above me.
It gives me a bit a feel of a secret garden. An oasis in this world.

G is for Girls.

I once had a girl and later another one.
They both didn't make it. And I miss them.

Now I have twingirls and they're such a joy!

G is for Giraffe.

I collect giraffes.

G is for grandmom.

She was the best grandmom I could have had.
She taught me a lot, so many things my mother didn't care to teach, to share.
She was my home.

I miss her every day.


JennieBoo 9 August 2007 at 16:38  

This is such a great idea. I think I'll swipe it!

Happy Thursday!

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