02 January 2008

Paris, the place to be

Januari 2...

This is the date that you can learn a lot about yourself.

Are you rushing to your work, or do you want to keep the romantic feel of christmastime, or do you long for spring?

When you're living in France it doesn't really mnatter. You can find it all in Paris.

Not only is it the most romantic city of the world, it's also one of the main bussiness cities and one of the cities where spring can be sensed very early in the year.

The Paris Hôtels are ready, because they know Paris is one of the most favorite places to be for the french. They love the City of Light, and now most christmastourists are on their way home, they can roam the streets before the summerseason starts.
I often wonder how it's possible I don't feel like a rat in Paris, but feel like a Queen when I walk the stairs and streets, and admire the architecture.

with 2.2 million people live in Central Paris and another 9.9 million in the suburbs Paris is one of the largest cities in Europe. Still I can feel like I'm all alone when I'm enjoying the early morning sun.

You can enjoy this too.
When you're in England you can book for the lowest prices if the Paris Hotels at CheaperthanHotels. Many already do.
I've seen some very good offers, even at half the normal rate.

The German version, called: Hotels Deutsche, is especially designed for the German tourists and businessmen who need to find the quaranteed best offers on Paris Hotels

Paris is completely equipped for business.
Don't be amazed.
Paris produces more than a quarter of the gross domestic product (GDP) of France in 2006 with €500.8 billion.
It's the largest business district in Europe, hosting 36 of the Fortune Global 500 companies.
And many international organisations have their main office in Paris, because the city is easily accessible.

At the moment the Abrial Hotels offers it's room for a tiny bit more than half the normal prize. Conference room included.

Abrial Hotel Paris

Even the spanish can spend their romatic nights and days in the París Hoteles and book in their own language.

And these are not the only languages that represented at http://www.hotelsenfrancais.com/France/Paris.

It's great you can see photos from each hotel, as there's a variety in rooms and hotels all throughout the city.
You'll always be able to find a room that fits your requirements and/or lifestyle.
Modern, minimalistic, the 60ties, baroque.. it's all there.

Raphael Hotel Paris

Paris has a lot to offer.
Restaurants, museums, fashion. In fact you can spend all day either relaxing or working, and still feel you're on vacation.

So don't waste your time dreaming, when you can be there and enjoy the new year.


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