09 January 2008

Keurig Coffee maker at Wise.com

In The Netherlands "keurig" means neat, nice, well cared for, with an undertone of homeliness, family spirit.

So even before I have seen the coffee machines of Keurig, I have already a certain image, and I have to tell you, I'm not disappointed.

The Keurig one cup coffee machines fit the image perfectly.
Especially the Special Edition B60 keurig coffee maker.

According to Wise.com I'm not standing alone.
947 users have given their opinion and they have ranked this machine at a wise rank of 97 which is very high.

In case you don't know Wise.com:
It's a site where consumers can give their opinion about all sorts of products.
Their ranking is weighted with the ranking of experts, leading to one overal wise rank.

So you can choose a product based on the experience of others.
Above the rank the best prize online is provided, with a link to the shops where you can buy the product. In addition the shipping costs are listed, so you can make a well informed choice.

In the case of my favorite coffee maker it means I have the choice for extra costs for shipping of $11.25 or nothing. Not a difficult choice.LOL!

Since I discovered Wise.com it's a well used bookmarked site.
The itemdiscriptions are to the point and detailled, so I know even better what I'm buying than when I'm standing in a shop and have to rely on information on the box or of a salesperson.

Ofcourse I like the fact that I can share my own experiences too.

Have a look, and let me know what you think.


Laura 9 January 2008 at 16:13  

My friend has one of these. If I was more than a social drinker of coffee, I'd definitely buy one. For now, it sits on my "things I'd like to have" list. *smiles*

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