17 January 2008


Friends in the USA are in real trouble, financially.

Last week they decided to move to a cheaper part of the country and buy a far cheaper house.

They have been lucky.
Jim is a very good, almost professional, DIYer and he has done so much to his house that even in this terrible time for selling houses he has gained some money by selling the house.

We're now going through all the insurances to see how and how much he can save on them.

Because I have very good experiences with NationalRelocation.com I have adviced him to read the information on the site and ask for quotes.
It doesn't cost anything else than a few minutes and he can save a lot of money.

NationalRelocation.com offers all sorts of information on real estate relocation and insurances.
You can find houses, apartments, condos for rent or lease.
You can even find schools on a map, so you can find the nearest schools without a problem.

Beside taking a responsible decision about the new mortgage, my friend should at least cover three areas which enable him to rearrange his families financial life:

It's important to make a list of what a family really needs and what is additional luxury.
You can compare that list to what insurances offers.
Read all the little letters, so when you sign something you are fully informed and you have made the best choice you have made.

We discoeverd that one of my friends insurances was made under pressure. He was told he could get the offer only when he signed that same day.
Never ever accept that you are forced in such a way.
A good insurance gives you plenty of time to inform yourself.

When you're not sure, ask advice and compare.

NationalRelocation.com offers you the information to do so.

You want to save money without putting your financial security at risk.


bush 7 November 2008 at 10:02  

read ur article.. i think is will help me out.. thanks

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