13 January 2008

hair color

The girls had a lot of fun at school.

They're at an age that they giggle about everything.

Today one of the main events was that one of the more boring teachers had her hair painted red.
Not a bit red...but ... RED!!!

I can only imagine how the teachers must have felt under the critical looks of the girls.

I remember painting my hair and it turned out carrot-orange.
Washing my hair made it look even worse, and as the shops were closed and I really had to go to work, I had to face countless people on the streets and in the train looking back and telling each other to look.

Oh my dear!!

At the hospital where I worked I asked permission to go to the hospital hairdresser.
We were never allowed to go there, but this time I was.

I was so relieved when I could face my collegues with brown hair. A bit too brown.. but none cared.


Frances 19 January 2008 at 21:58  

Years ago I decided to try a new hair dye and ended up with an unbelievable shade of red hair. Fortunately it was a semi-permanent thing so it would fade out in a few shampoos.
I wore a ball cap.
Anyway here's the funny part.
The day after I dyed my hair I went to a church bingo game, and bought a couple of raffle tickets.
The next day I see my friend at the store and she tells me my numbers came out.
Each ticket was worth 25 dollars.
I went home and started to cook and stuff.
Suddenly I looked at the clock - bingo time - I could go cash in my tickets.
I ran out the door and down to the game place.
While I was in front of the auditorium I noticed everyone staring at me.
Of course I had forgotten my ball cap!

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