11 January 2008

Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery can help you change your body.

Now the holidays are over people are confronted with the extra curves and other outer signs of unwanted bodychange.

There are several options to deal with it.
Diet and exercise are the less invasive methods, but they don't always give the wished results.
There might be loss of weight, but often the problem-areas won't disappear.

Liposuction is the fastest way to deal with these areas.
It's one of the most used surgical procedures and the techniques are under constant development.
This calls for specialisation and that's why Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery decided to develop it's own specialised centre: LipoPlus.
It's also known as Beverly Hills liposuction, because each individual person gets a star treatment.
After careful examination the plastic surgeon will recommend a type of liposuction procedure and a recovery program fit to your individual needs.
You won't have much pain, because painkilling is an integral part of the treatment.

Some women want more extensive make-over and consider more plastic surgery.

Loosing weight often shows at the breasts in an unpleasant way.
Breast implants enable women to keep their feel of femininity so they opt for breast augmentation.
It's important to have no unrealistic expectations.
At the clinic women are clearly informed about possible risks or complications, what results to expect, and how the procedure is performed.

Dr. Lloyd Krieger, Medical director of Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, has lots of experience and he's always willing to give good advice.

But whatever you consider, a healthy diet combined with exercise is an absolute must to feel energetic.


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