10 January 2008


Two of my children have a different type of attention disorder.
I like it to be informed well and I always value good oversights and explanations.

I've found a site that give a good overview here.

In the sideline the discussion is mentioned between professionals that state that attention disorders are just the natural differences between people and the professionals that ADHD is a biological/neurological disorder.

My oldest has got ADD.

It's often said it's ADHD without the hyperactivity.

Forget it!

It's a complete different disorder.

He can focus when he's able to control the input to his brain. So he can play a computergame, read a book, and watch a movie.
But oh my dear when you distract him.
It means you'll pull him out if his selfmade prison and expose him to far too many influences.

He can stay kind and listening, but when you ask him what you have said he will use all he has to escape from giving an answer.
He just doesn't remember.
Either because his mind is clinging to what he was doing in a desperate attempt not to forget what he was doing, or because he can't make a choice between impulses.
He needs to focus his mind a 102% to puzzle all the impulses into meaningful information.

My ADHD son can do many things at once.
He's not paying attention during conversation it seems but when you ask him he will convery the message loud and clear...only you will have the job to choose between a lot of information he just pours out over you.
When you were telling him a story life was not on halt. A fly was flying to the window and landed just a cm under the curtain, there was a faint smell of the lemon in the ktichen and the neighbour started his car.

There two are not opposites on a line...they're different. Completely different.


CS Tan 29 February 2008 at 05:24  

Hi, people now use ADD and ADHD interchangeably. In fact, ADD is considered the "old name" while ADHD is the current terminology.

Therefore, to hear you say that ADD and ADHD are different caught my attention. But I do have a question to ask you - hope you don't mind: Were your kids diagnosed by a professional who is well versed in ADD/ADHD?

I'm asking this because probably one of them has been misdiagnosed. That is their symptoms are different. I may be wrong, of course.

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