11 January 2008

Couscous recipe

Slice an union into little squares and melt them in a pan with a little bit of butter.

Boil water in another pan, add some salt, a tiny piece of butter or two drops of oil and a bit of broth.
Add couscouss.

Add minced meat to the glacy unions and bake it, while "chopping it into little pieces.
Add salt, white pepper and nutmeg.

Take boiled carrots, green beans and fresh tomatoes.
Put them in a blender shortly, so they will be little pieces, no sause.
When the meat is ready, add this mixture and make warm.

Take a cucumber and slice it in the length, and again, so you get lang thin pieces.

When the couscous is ready lay it on a plate like a half ball.
Make a hole in the middle and pour the meat mixture in.
Around you can lay the cucumberpieces.
Serve with salat if you like.

Eat well.


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