17 January 2008

sponsored blogging

Well, I guess the page rank of this blog has died under my hands.

I thought things like this happened to surgeons, but not to bloggers.

Yesterday it was rank 3, today it's 0.

Well, after the value of my saved dollars was cut in half during the recession, putting the smallpipes I was going to buy out of reach again.

I just needed 50 dollars more.

Slowly I was saving towards the needed amount again...towards realising a very old dream.

And now the rank of my blog has dropped to zero, so I can wave sponsored blogging bye bye.

I found out in a rather rotten way:

Put all my effort in blogging for a task I was choosen for.
But it was rejected, because over night google didn't like me anymore.

It's clear that we bloggers are used, and thrown away when there isn't a number attached to us anymore.

While I was at the psychiatrist hearing that my fourth boy has autism spectrum disorder too, the last bit of fun, an instrument to realise a hobby, and maybe a way to start earning some money by bagpiping at weddings and funerals, this last bit of fun for me is blown out of the window.

It makes me feel sick.

The way I was told was not "Sorry...I've found out that your blog...". Oh no!!
It was robotlike unkind.
Like I accepted a task I shouldn't have, like I knowingly accepted to write something...

Well, I wrote some nice pieces of blogadvertisement.
Was one of the many that enable those mediating firms to excist, that enable people to have a well paid job, was one of the many that provide links for advertisers, and I always gave more links than they needed.
All for a few dollars.......

Well, let's say I'm happy I didn't have the time to convert sponsored blogging into a joblike enterprise, otherwise I would have lost an income.

Now I've just lost a dream.


SaintAmyJane 18 January 2008 at 05:07  

hey.. start a new blog to get ranking back.. I have 3 domains and I lost all ranking on one because i did paid blog posts... if you have readers google page rank doesn't matter... but if the sponsorship depended on your page rank then thats a problem...

Frances 19 January 2008 at 21:47  

I am so phenomenally sorry that your rank and savings both went down.
You're a very clever lady, so I know you'll figure something out.
Much bloglove,

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