09 January 2008

the bully and the pen

Yesterday one of the girls came home for lunch.

She was angry with a boy at school.

Because his pen was empty he asked her if he was allowed to use one of her.
Ofcourse she was OK.

When the lesson was ended she asked her pen back, and he wouldn't hand it over.
When she stood up to take it fromhim, he walked to the cabinet and when he came back he had a tape on the pen with his name on it.

As it was her favorite pen, she got really angry and grasped it out of his hands.

He threatened her...

She has learned a lot last year, because I've always backed her up in her decisions, gave her advice and got the teacher on her back in such a way (involving the press always is a good threat!), that her teacher takes action everything she gets a signal of bullying.

So a little letter was enough to get things in motion again.

I hate those little boys.... just like I hated them when I was young.


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