15 September 2007


I've been asked how we here get autumn into the house.

Well ofcourse people have there own preferences. So I can only tell how we do it here in the house.

When the children were young they went to a school where they had a seasontable.
Each season the table was decorated with a tablecloth that fitted the season, with the leaves and fruits of the season. And added were little handmade dolls, also made of what was available in the season or of wool.

We kept part of this wonderful idea by having a large flat bowl on the table with stones that are found during the season. (We have a stone finding fool among us, sorry).
Right now we have added an apple, some bramberries (which will be gone in a minute, because they won't stay well long and I like them fresh. LOL!), but also with nuts, acorns, and the first coloured leaves.
I have already made a little man from toothpickes a maple and acorns, and many more mans, horses and dogs (the last two only distinguished by using your phantasy.LOL!) will be made the next week.

Slowly everything will change with the bowl in the centre.
The summermugs will be replaced by ones that are autumncoloured, even the food will change from fresh yellow and green to brown and red.

The way the sun shines in the room will change, so the room will look even more different.

My curtains match the season, but that's sheer luck.


Frances 15 September 2007 at 18:03  

I love the idea of welcoming a season into a home.
Sounds lovely.
I am picturing the decorations on my mind's screen.

JennieBoo 18 September 2007 at 21:37  

What a great idea!

I decorate out front porch with artifical flowers and such.

I love your idea!

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