18 September 2007

10 Things You Do When You Have Nothing Else to Do

10 Things I Do When I Have Nothing Else to Do

  1. Take care of the plants
  2. Walk into the garden and look around for interesting small wildlife.
  3. Take a cup of coffee and surf TV. Usually I'll land at the BBC, discovery channel or National Geographic channel.
  4. Read the paper. I always save them for boring moments.
  5. Surf internet or I get irritated because the connection is too slow to leave comments.
  6. Did I forget taking something to eat? I bet it's higher up the list. LOL!
  7. Take care of the laundry.
  8. Tidy something.
  9. Prepare things for dinner
  10. Make a mental note to tell the kids to clean their home.

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Costa Rica Real Estate Jack 9 October 2007 at 07:57  

That was a nice suggestions. I liked the second one.I'll do that!

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