27 October 2007

saturday special

1. Do you believe in ghosts, spirits, or the supernatural?:

Not in ghostlike figures like the blanket covered nothings, but I do believe there's more than we can see.
I think we're more spiritual beings than physical beings.
To me it feels like there's a parrallel universum where we meet each other's spirit when we're death, and before we're born.

There is a power that has set everything in motion.

2. Have you ever had a supernatural experience?:

I haven't seen my gram or dad, but I feel them at times. And others too.

Once I heard a clear voice. None was there, no radio on, and I don't have a psychological nature that makes me hear things.

3. What is your favorite horror film?:

I have none. Don't watch them.

4. Finish this line: Dark is the night ____________.:
and dark are the souls
of those who have no truth,
no honor and no dreams.

They dwell after sunset and
roam the unseen path of uncertainty.
With the first ray of light
they flee the day

and so they'll never come
to those who love.

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