22 October 2007

manic monday

Would you be able to serve on a jury and sentence the defendant to the death penalty if he/she were found guilty of a crime that the court felt warranted the death penalty?

We have a completely different system here.
We don't have a jury.
Judges represent us. They have studied law and they have been trained to be as objective as possible, investigate properly.
When I consider that the american system speaks of "Proof beyond reasonable doubt", I don't think normal people should be burdened to make the decision if it's beyond reasonable doubt.
Attorneys are verbally very intelligent and they can outwit normal people, so people can be convicited of a crime they've never commited, and the members of the jury have to carry that load on their shoulders all their lives.

People have to be protected from the mistakes made in court.
So in our democratic society we don't regard democracy and the law served when ordinary people make decisions in court.
Let the experts do it.

BTW. We don't sentence people to death.
What God gives should not be taken by humans.
It's up to him to make that final judgement.

So the answer is "no".

Have you ever faked being ill to avoid doing something you didn’t want to do?

Not often though.

Would you state you were guilty of a crime you didn't commit to free a loved one?

With so many people dependent upon my care and guidance I'm not sure if I would.
So.. I don't think so.

It would be very loving etc etc, but I'd be standing in the middle of the scales of justice at that moment.
Can I stop the care for those who need me, to free someone I love but who did it?

I think I would make a mistake by witholding the criminal the support he needs to become a trustworthy member of society.

But I would use all my verbal power and intelligence to talk him out.
Oh yes!

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Siani 22 October 2007 at 18:50  

Interesting responses. We have a jury system in the UK, and I would really like to see it abolished. It's not very fair to ask a member of the public, with no legal background whatsoever, to interpret complex legal issues and come to a decision based on such issues. Happy MM!

Kwizgiver 23 October 2007 at 01:32  

I like your explanations. And we are in agreement on a lot of it.

Jennifer 23 October 2007 at 05:01  

I have never been to a place without jury. It seems like where you live there can be one biased judge and the whole system would pay. I don't know if there is such a professional that can keep there own biases in check.

Great Answers, Happy Monday.

Gattina 23 October 2007 at 10:47  

I think you have more or less the same system as in Belgium and sometimes there is a jury like with the Dutroux affair or other criminals. Of course we don't have death penality anymore all European countries haven't and in the western civilized world only the US still have it, it's a shame.

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