31 October 2007

a review

Some people just have to search for excitement and want to play in online casinos.

When you're one of them you can prepare yourself at http://www.topusaonlinecasinos.com/.
That way you know which bonus you get when joining, how others have experiences the casino, what the rating is and the payout rate.

Reading the reviews can be enlightning.

I've been asked to write something about the design.

I know the site is meant to give a quick impression on matters, but I don't like the colours very much.

I think it's better to colourcode the names of the columns, and don't repeat information on each cell of the column.

As there's so much difference in bonus between number 1 and 2 I wouldn't mind of the number 1 had a pagewide banner. It's the top of the best, so it's OK to stand out.

I see downloadbuttons, but I'm not sure what I'm going to download, so I won't.
Do I miss something?

They're not merging in the grey background, only in the white. So it looks a bit messy.

For the rest the display is just a metter of taste and I doubt whether people who come for information really mind.

I think the reviews are clear enough for people who know what they're dealing with.
I don't, so I don't know what those certificates mean and what they stand for.
Maybe a faq can give that information.

The site doesn't mention an age limit for gambling.
Maybe a warning should be given that it's addictive.


Full Tilt 17 November 2007 at 08:51  

Very interesting review! Usually when I have picked up online poker or casino reviews, it was about the actual gaming experience - it is very interesting to see what a critique of the design prospective is - that's something that we don't think about on the first impression (well, maybe designers do - LOL) ... thanks!

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