04 October 2007

Ashop Commerce, the best software for online shops

It's time to change summerclothes for more waterresistant gear.

It's always a huge enterprise here, with clothes for 8 people.
And because there are 2 children that have no younger brother or sister to hand down things that are too small, I have a pile of clothes that have to leave the house too.

I know, one can throw it in the bin or give it to a goodwill organisation.
But we're always struggling for money, so selling them is the best option.

I have looked for several systems, asked friends and relatives and I've come up with the best shopping software there is: Ashop Commerce.

They offer a perfect system for online shops. In fact they offer price winning ecommerce software.

I doubted if it would be something for me, so I took a testdrive.
It's free. No hazzle at all, and they respect the privacy of the client. I didn't have to give creditcardnumbers or anything like that.

Well, the testdrive... I'm impressed!

Adding storage is very simple. And whenever I want I can get complete insight in what's going on, the interface is so easy to use. The design is fully adjustable.
The service to the client is wonderful. The shopping cart is fully integrated with major banks, gateways and third party processors including PayPal, in a safe environment.

I recommend Ashop Commerce not only to new sellers like me, but also to professional merchants.

In case you're not sure: just have a tesdrive and experience this shopping cart software yourself.


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