29 February 2008


I got a comment last day.
Because the site to which it referred displayed an emailaddress that doesn't excist, I reply here.


You've made a comment on my blog which was rather belearning and in
fact also wrong.

ADD is not the old fashioned terminology for ADHD. Certainly not here
in Europe.

It is used for the ADHD group where hyperactivity isn't present, as
called in DSM IV: ADHD inattentive type.

We try to use ADHD inattentive type as little as possible, because it
suggests the person doesn't pay attention, and that is certainly not
the case.

Research and practice shows ADD comes with different symptoms and we
hope the DSM V will pay more attenion to the distinction, as
professionals already do.

When you comment like this you suggest you're a professional.
You'd certainly know in that case that between now and 1994 the
development in the area has lead to revisions of the DSM IV, and also to
lots of research and reasearch outcomes.

My sons are certainly not misdiagnosed.
(How dare you say so!!! Especially when you're not making clear
whether you are allowed to make such a statement. It's professionally

ADD is a rather difficult diagnosis to make, because there are
overlaps with many other diagnoses, which need to be ruled out.

I don't really feel the need to present the professional
qualifications from the Professor of psychiatry, and some psychologists who have
made the diagnoses as a team.
ADD and ADHD are not sudden diagnoses, they are the result of many
years of dealing with behavioral, intrapsychological and social

I'm a well educated psychologist myself, and I gather you're not a
professional in the field, because we have rules of conduct and
professional ethics we hold very high.

As far as I can see, your site is a marketing site.

Am I right?

I hope you'll refrain from comments like these on blogs in the
They're an additional burden to people who have to struggle their way
through life.




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