31 October 2007

works for me

With the bussy family I have I often forget to look at the calendar, so I miss birthdays and anniversaries.

My father was in the RAF in WW2 and his army chaplain shared with me he had the same problem.

He had an old agenda in which he wrote all special dates.

During quiet days he used to put up some music and a sigar, and he would pull out the cards.

One by one he would write the cards, beginning with january 1.
At the place of the stamp he would write the date to post the card.
Then he would put them on the date in a large box.
All he had to do is check each sunday which cards were needed for the next week and the following monday, and post them all at once when he was having a nice sunday afternoon walk.

It worked for him and it works for me.

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a review

Some people just have to search for excitement and want to play in online casinos.

When you're one of them you can prepare yourself at http://www.topusaonlinecasinos.com/.
That way you know which bonus you get when joining, how others have experiences the casino, what the rating is and the payout rate.

Reading the reviews can be enlightning.

I've been asked to write something about the design.

I know the site is meant to give a quick impression on matters, but I don't like the colours very much.

I think it's better to colourcode the names of the columns, and don't repeat information on each cell of the column.

As there's so much difference in bonus between number 1 and 2 I wouldn't mind of the number 1 had a pagewide banner. It's the top of the best, so it's OK to stand out.

I see downloadbuttons, but I'm not sure what I'm going to download, so I won't.
Do I miss something?

They're not merging in the grey background, only in the white. So it looks a bit messy.

For the rest the display is just a metter of taste and I doubt whether people who come for information really mind.

I think the reviews are clear enough for people who know what they're dealing with.
I don't, so I don't know what those certificates mean and what they stand for.
Maybe a faq can give that information.

The site doesn't mention an age limit for gambling.
Maybe a warning should be given that it's addictive.


29 October 2007

manic monday

If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be and why?

I would have choosen another mother.
One who really cared about me. (I've been abused physically and mentally)

Do you think that the world will be a better or a worse place 100 years from now?

I hope it's a better place.
More attention for what children really need, more care for nature.
Less ego... less looking doen on people.
And certainly less war.

But can people really change?

At the beginning of a relationship, do you trust your new partner unless there is something specific to make you do otherwise, or do you withhold your trust until he/she has earned it?

I trust people.
I can't withhold trust.

But I've paid for it. A lot.

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27 October 2007

saturday special

1. Do you believe in ghosts, spirits, or the supernatural?:

Not in ghostlike figures like the blanket covered nothings, but I do believe there's more than we can see.
I think we're more spiritual beings than physical beings.
To me it feels like there's a parrallel universum where we meet each other's spirit when we're death, and before we're born.

There is a power that has set everything in motion.

2. Have you ever had a supernatural experience?:

I haven't seen my gram or dad, but I feel them at times. And others too.

Once I heard a clear voice. None was there, no radio on, and I don't have a psychological nature that makes me hear things.

3. What is your favorite horror film?:

I have none. Don't watch them.

4. Finish this line: Dark is the night ____________.:
and dark are the souls
of those who have no truth,
no honor and no dreams.

They dwell after sunset and
roam the unseen path of uncertainty.
With the first ray of light
they flee the day

and so they'll never come
to those who love.

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26 October 2007

friday's feast

Name a great website you would recommend to others.

I've a complete website black-out at the moment.
But I know a great group with wonderful sites: she who blogs

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 as highest), how often do you dream at night?

Well, everybody dreams at night, but not everyone is able to remember dreams.
so it's 100%/4%

Did you have a pet as a child? If so, what kind and what was its name?

No I didn't have a pet.

Main Course
If you had the chance to star in a commercial, what would you choose to advertise?

Pfff... gardenhouses!
in the hope I can keep it.

What is your favorite kind of hard candy?

I'm a diabetic, so I'm not supposed to eat candy at all.
We had sweets in the past that were called buttersweets.
I'd risk hyperglycemia for those!

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thursday bug

thursday bug meme

Sometimes it helps to share with others what bugs your mind.
They may have a solution, a kind word, or a smile of encouragement.

I wasn't even able to post my bug yesterday, so guess my bug?

That internetconnection that drives me nuts!


What's your thursday bug?

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24 October 2007

works for me

There's always that last musquito that enjoys going upstairs with you and wants to play all night.

I leave a sharp light on in the livingroom, sneek of to bed, switch out the light, and fall asleep...
...before the timer switches off the light downstairs.

The creeps love light more than they love to follow me to suck all the blood out of me or the kids.

So that works for me.

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23 October 2007

You can stop looking for ecommerce software



You can stop looking for ecommerce software.

Ashop Commerce has everything you need.
They provide awarded shopping cart software which is reliable, safe and is just perfect for your needs.

It's web based, so you don't have to install all sorts of programs and go through the stress if features won't work.

Did I say features?

Ashop Commerce shopping cart software provides throusands of features.
All are easy to use.

Want to know which ones?

I'm not going to list them all, just a few:

Acceptance of credit cards online
Fully customisable design
Web based store administration
Inventory control
Featured products
Multilevel product variants & optional surcharges
Multi level text variant option
Related products
Rich text editor (WYSIWYG editor)
Product reports
Category reports

And a lot more.

Everything you need is just one or two clicks from realisation.

Because everything is easy to use and easy to adjust you can start selling immediately after stocking your online shop.

The shopping cart can be checked out in a protected environment, using all major banks and payment systems, including paypal.
That's of the utmost imporatnce to give your customers the feeling that they're not risking that others can find out anything about their private information.

And in case you have any questions the Ashop Commerce team is waiting for you and will welcome any questions with open arms.


PRO360.com, online casino reviews since 1997

I've been asked to tell something about online casinos.

To be honest, I know a better place to ask this question.
You can go to PRO360.com and use their site to get the anwers.
Since 1997 they provide reviews of online casinos, so they know a lot more about then than I do.

The site is very easy to use.
At a blink of an eye you can see which bonusses they hand out, what the rating is of the editors and of the players themselves.
Even more interesting are the full reviews.
They offer a clear insight, so you know what you need to know before you start.

In case you decide to enter the world fo gambling, first read the information that is offered at the site.
No need to be completely naieve.

There's a beginners guide you should have read, and there are plenty of tips.

Why lack players information when you can get it?

At the moment many people play online poker.
But you can also get involved in craps, slots and roulette.

One word of advice: don't cross the limits you have set yourself.


22 October 2007

manic monday

Would you be able to serve on a jury and sentence the defendant to the death penalty if he/she were found guilty of a crime that the court felt warranted the death penalty?

We have a completely different system here.
We don't have a jury.
Judges represent us. They have studied law and they have been trained to be as objective as possible, investigate properly.
When I consider that the american system speaks of "Proof beyond reasonable doubt", I don't think normal people should be burdened to make the decision if it's beyond reasonable doubt.
Attorneys are verbally very intelligent and they can outwit normal people, so people can be convicited of a crime they've never commited, and the members of the jury have to carry that load on their shoulders all their lives.

People have to be protected from the mistakes made in court.
So in our democratic society we don't regard democracy and the law served when ordinary people make decisions in court.
Let the experts do it.

BTW. We don't sentence people to death.
What God gives should not be taken by humans.
It's up to him to make that final judgement.

So the answer is "no".

Have you ever faked being ill to avoid doing something you didn’t want to do?

Not often though.

Would you state you were guilty of a crime you didn't commit to free a loved one?

With so many people dependent upon my care and guidance I'm not sure if I would.
So.. I don't think so.

It would be very loving etc etc, but I'd be standing in the middle of the scales of justice at that moment.
Can I stop the care for those who need me, to free someone I love but who did it?

I think I would make a mistake by witholding the criminal the support he needs to become a trustworthy member of society.

But I would use all my verbal power and intelligence to talk him out.
Oh yes!

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18 October 2007

works for me

With 8 people in the house, all with their own bycicle key and some other keys as well, there's always at least one key lost.

We tried everything, to prevent the early morning search events through pockets, rugsacks, etc etc.

Whenever someone comes home I want all the keys in place.


I have 8 hooks on a row.

Each person has his/her own keycord with the bycicle key and other keys.

When someone arrives home hanging the keycord is an automatic action.

I have a look before dinner.
No keycord? No food.

It works for me.

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16 October 2007

10 on tuesday

10 Favorite Halloween Candies

We don't have halloween here,
so I don't know if there are special candied for halloween.
And I'm a diabetic.
But if I really had a choice.

  1. kaneelkussentjes... cinnamon sweets
  2. pepermuntkussentjes... soft peppermint
  3. chocolate milk
  4. chocolate butterscotch
  5. sesameseed fudge
  6. fudge
  7. gellybeans
  8. marshmellows

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15 October 2007

manic monday

If you could have a romance with any fictional character, who would it be?

Hmm.. I haven't the faintest idea.

If you could be invisible for one hour, where would you go and what would you do?

For one hour only?

I can't do much in one hour, considering the fact that it needs at least 30 minutes to get in town.
Well, if I can get past doors unseen I would visit a friend and clean up his appartment.
He's wanted to do it for a long time, but he got cancer.
He doesn't want other people dealing with his stuff, but I know a way to help him out without turning his "system" upside down. So he'll be able to find his things without problem.

If you could ask God any single question, what would it be?

Is it true you prefer some people above others?
I've always believed an all caring god would never do that.

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Symptoms of ADHD

I've been asked to give a list of the symptoms of ADHD.

Well, there are some good pages online.

One of them can be found ::here::.

In case you have any questions about this, please let me know.


12 October 2007

friday's feast

When was the last time you were surprised?

Ha...I'm surprised every day.

This morning the psychiatrist of my autistic son called very early in the morning.
I's written her a letter asking her to transfer the care to another psychiatrist, because she forgot to subscribe him for help after his final exam, and for a facility where he can stay a weekend in the two months.
Because she referred me to someone who would help with very important forms, telling me it was a very experienced person. Well, not experienced in advicing me.
And because she wanted to send him to a home without giving a clear indication and without being honest about the minimal time he would spend there. (Said: a couple of weeks, but I knew from a collegue the observation period is at least three months and the therapy time one and a half years.) Added to it: it would take us about 5 hours to get there!!!! So visiting him half an hour would mean I had to leave the other kids alone for a complete day!
But what really made me angry was that he's not getting proper medication evaluation. I have to go to our family doc to get him a check up each time, and he's not getting the right medication. So he has many problems that could have been prevented.
On top of it she said she had the opinion he couldn't change his behaviour anymore.
Well, I think that with proper guidance he can do far more and be much more friendly. Sometimes it needs someone else than mom to get those changes realised.

So she called, but luckily didn't get me. She was told to mail or write a letter.
But I think she doesn't want things written down. LOL!

Fill in the blanks: My eyes are ________, but I wish they were __________.
My eyes are greyish ble, but I wish they were enlessly deep brown or wintery grey.

If you were a Beanie Baby, what would you look like and what would your name be?

Had to look it up.
Well.. I'm not a beanie baby. I'm me and not a beanbag made into a bear.

Main Course
Name two things you consistently do that you consider to be healthy habits.

Brush my teeth and take my meds on time each day.

What brand of toothpaste are you using these days? Do you like it? Why or why not?

Meridol, because I have very sensitive teeth.
It's OK. Kind of neutral. They can add a more minty taste.

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11 October 2007

thursday bug

thursday bug meme

Sometimes it helps to share with others what bugs your mind.
They may have a solution, a kind word, or a smile of encouragement.

Today it's just a minor bug for me.

We had plans for today. The father of the children took a day off to realise them.

But alas... one of the girls got ill...


What's your thursday bug?

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works for me: waking up fast

One of the boys has serious problems waking up.

He goes to bed in time, but when he sleeps he does it with as much dedication as he dos everything else.

Getting him out of his cosy warm bed became such a problem that I resorted to an age old remedy: cold water.

He takes with him a little tupperware bowl with a very moist washcloth with a drop of peppermint oil.

When it tumbles around it doesn't leak water because the bowl closes well.

When the alarm goes off he can pick up the bowl, open it and put the washing cloth in his face.

If he doesn't do it himself there's almost always someone else who enjoys thoroughly to put the cloth on his forehead.

Untill now he wakes up from the water and the smell.

Works for him and for me.

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08 October 2007

manic monday

Which month of the year do you think best describes your personality?

Maybe it's May.

In The Netherlands we have at May 4 remembrance day, followed by May 5th, when we celebrate freedom.
I think those are two aspects of my life that are very important: remebering those who died and the experience of freedom.

I also like the change in nature.
My life is constant change too. Even though my life is boring when you look from the outside: there's a constant blow of change that needs preparedness.

If you could have had the starring role in an existing movie, which movie would you pick?

Out of Africa.
I would change the end though. LOL!

Are you attracted to people whose personalities are very similar to your personality or very different?

Even met someone like me?? LOL!
I loke people who are completely different. But I think all other people are.

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06 October 2007

saturday special

~Words Ending in AKE ~ I Say You Answer~

1. Earthquake...
frightening. I was in one a couple of years ago. Nothing special. My pills dropped off the shelf.

2. Peaceful Lake...
We have a little lake here. After midnight it's relatively peaceful. I guess to find a real peacefull kake Scotland would do for me.

3. Chocolate Cake...
Yummy! Problem is I'm a diabetic, so I have to be careful what I eat.

4. Snowflake...
I love snowflakes. Pity, it doesn't snow often here.

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05 October 2007

friday's feast

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you look forward to your birthday?

2, but when someone organises a surprise party it'll go up tp 10.

What is one word you don’t like the sound, spelling, or meaning of?

Apart from swearing and cursing.... hmmm... I have to think about this one.

Do you wear sunglasses when you’re outside? If so, what does your current pair look like?

The current pair has oval glasses, blue rim.

Main Course
If you were to write a book, to whom would you dedicate it?

Depends on the subject. But probably to my gram and dad.

Name a beverage that you enjoy.

Well, I don't use alcohol as much anymore as in my student years.
In fact I hardly ever take a drink anymore.
Just at the band, but that isn't often either.

But I like good Port, a Beerenburger and as a bagpiper I know how to handle whiskey.

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04 October 2007

thursday bug

thursday bug meme

Sometimes it helps to share with others what bugs your mind.
They may have a solution, a kind word, or a smile of encouragement.

I've spend all morning writing letters, filling in forms, to get things arranged for my children.
It bugs me that there is so much paperwork involved, even when it concerns minor things.
It bugs me even more that I'm pressed to hurry up, whereas the other people involved have my paperwork on their desk for a long long time, even when just a signature needs to be written.
In this computertime it shouldn't be as much work!


What's your thursday bug?

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Ashop Commerce, the best software for online shops

It's time to change summerclothes for more waterresistant gear.

It's always a huge enterprise here, with clothes for 8 people.
And because there are 2 children that have no younger brother or sister to hand down things that are too small, I have a pile of clothes that have to leave the house too.

I know, one can throw it in the bin or give it to a goodwill organisation.
But we're always struggling for money, so selling them is the best option.

I have looked for several systems, asked friends and relatives and I've come up with the best shopping software there is: Ashop Commerce.

They offer a perfect system for online shops. In fact they offer price winning ecommerce software.

I doubted if it would be something for me, so I took a testdrive.
It's free. No hazzle at all, and they respect the privacy of the client. I didn't have to give creditcardnumbers or anything like that.

Well, the testdrive... I'm impressed!

Adding storage is very simple. And whenever I want I can get complete insight in what's going on, the interface is so easy to use. The design is fully adjustable.
The service to the client is wonderful. The shopping cart is fully integrated with major banks, gateways and third party processors including PayPal, in a safe environment.

I recommend Ashop Commerce not only to new sellers like me, but also to professional merchants.

In case you're not sure: just have a tesdrive and experience this shopping cart software yourself.


02 October 2007

10 on tuesday

10 Television Shows You'd Like to Have (or Have already) on DVD

  1. Casualty
  2. Holby
  3. House
  4. Grey's anatomy
  5. The Carsons
  6. Prins van Oranje
  7. Het meisje met het rode haar
  8. .
  9. .
  10. and one I would want to make myself: everyday life and obstacles with autistic children. A mom's perspective.

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01 October 2007

manic monday

If technology was sufficiently advanced, would you be willing to clone yourself?

No way! ... well, if I could relive a lifetime in a very different way.
But for my looks there's no reason to clone.

At the local grocery store you see an elderly woman shoplift a chicken. Do you tell the management?

Depends on her outfit.

If she's got expensive clothes and golden jewelry, she needs psychiatric help, so I would report her in such a way that he would offer her the choice between treatment and the police.

If she's poor, I would sneek in front of her at the kassa and tell the girl to let me pay for it, even if it means no chicken for us.

If you could be 8 years old again for an entire day, knowing what you know now, how would you spend it?

When I was 8 I had a very kind teacher at school. She was considered to be the best one in town and she certainly was.
I was send to a children's home because my mother didn't take care of me well. I was a lonely child.

My gram was all to me. So I'd probably use the day to arrange to live with my grandmother forever. We would eat cake to celebrate it, and she would tuck me in at night.

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